How it begon

I did purchase minecraft around a week or so ago, i did just learnt the basics of minecraft, so I did make a small home of dirt and cobblestone and wood, I did decide to go mine for coal and iron, but on the way to the mine i first would gather some wood, i did mine some wood, but i did hear some footsteps, i did turn around, saw a dragon (Idk what it was) and the game did froze, with a error log in nerd language, i did decide to look what this mob was, i did type minecraft dragon, i did come on on this link:, so it was a "Ender Dragon", i did read the page and discovered those mobs where only found in the end, then what did it did in the other world? And, this dragon had purple/pink eyes, while the one i saw had Blood red eyes, i did post it at Planet minecraft, asking them whatdid go wrong/if it was a bug, got answers with people saying it was "Herobrine" and some other crappy names. i decided those names weren't going to help me, i would go back in the world and do some research myself, stupidly i was going to talk in chat, because i didnt saw the Dragon, but then it did happen.

2nd part

I will give you the chat:

[My Name]: Where are you dragon

Entity.Evil joined the game

Gamerule leave-access set to false

i did know this gamerule didnt exist so it was strange Entity.Evil could do it, but when i tried to leave it said:

Path to your death, where would normally stand: Disconnect

Entity.Evil: You can choose between live and death

Your chat has been disabled by: Unknown Entity

What the [Censored] did just happen?

Entity.Evil: Let me contineu my story and you will be given chat permission.

Entity.Evil: My Sister Entity.Good can arrive any moment, she will help you, but YOU are going to help me to jail here.

Your chat has been temporarily enabled for 20 seconds by: Unknown Entity

Entity.Evil Okay?

[My name]: Sssurre mmistter

i was scared so much but i would help him to save my life

Your chat has been silenced Permanent by: Entity.Good

Entity.Good whispers to you: Sst, dont tell him i arrive.

Entity.Evil: Build the jail!

Entity.Good Joined the game

Entity.Evil: JAIL HER

Entity.Good: I'll kick both of us from minecraft! This will be the end!

Gamerule Entity.Protection set to true.

Entity.Evil Disconnected

Entity.Good: Ill never come back, may you enjoy minecraft, Farewell...

Entity.Good Disconnected

What did actually happen?

Many people have theories, my theorie is that a hacker hacked in my game and a white hat did save me, share your theories in the comments, Lets all remember Entity.Good, and god knows how many lifes of innocent MC players she did save.


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