Encounter I 25 Dec 2016

Its Christmas! yay! i was going to celebrate in my multiplayer server, i invited friends and whitelisted the server, strangely a guy named Santa joined the server


<Santa>: Merry Christmas!

<Me> Ur not whitelisted? How did yah join?

<Santa> Want a present?

<Me> Ok?

<Santa> Encrypting

I did /ban Santa Encrypting Santa Join access...

After that, a guy named 45656XY$# joined

<45656XY$#> You'd better leave me unbanned...

<Me> how do you do that?

<Herobrine> I got my ways...

<Me> How u changed your name to Herobrine

<Entity.303> Idk

<Me> Ill IP-Ban you

/banip Entity.303 Java.Script

I did this reason as joke

Then it happened

Entity.Java joined the game

Thunder striked on us, and we talked


My name wasnt red anymore, i wasnt op!

Entity.Java was OP

<Entity.Java> All those years, i worked for mojang, for nothing, i got jailed by Jeb_, in this game...

<Me> guy this isnt funny!!!

<Entity.Java> QUIET!!!

[CC] Chat got locked by Entity.Java

<Entity.Java> All those days, i will take from you, you take my place as Entity.Java...

<Entity.Java> Everbody will hate you, and i will be loved again...

<Entity.Java> Give me your IP, or else...

[CC] (My name) got chst Access by Entity.Java

<Me> I wont tell my IP

<Entity.Java> Last change....

<Me> (IP)

<My IGN> Its good to be a person again

<Entity.Java> How did you got me in the MC source codes?

<My IGN> As Entity.Java everything is possible... good luck

I got in my PC... this was incredible, but Scary, i could look on everyone,s minecraft screen, i even saw Notch doing some tests on MC :O. Everywhere where i looked there where 0 and 1s. Except 1 place, there was standing Entity.Java, i decided to let someone else be Entity.Java, i jumped into the Server of someone named SpidKid. Ill give you the log:

My names are the ones who change, i start with SpiderGod, then SpidGrid, and so on.

<SpiderGod> Hey

<SpidKid> Who are you

<SpidGrid> Im your nightmare

<Spidgrid> give me your IP, or i deop you and take your console...

<SpidKid> Never...

<SpidKidIsNoob> Last change...

<SpidKid> IP

<Entity.Java> Good, from now on ill capture this


And i got released from the PC

I never saw SpidKid on his server again, and on Mojang you could use the name SpidKid again...

Encounter II: 1 Jan 2017

I was playing on my server, whitelisted of course. i celebrated New Year just, it was 0:10 AM, when someone called SpidKid joined

<SpidKid> Give me your IP PLZZZZZ

<Me> Why?

<SpidKid> They kill me if you dont PLZZZZZ

<Me> (Fake IP)

<SpidKid> YOU LIED...

[ChatManager] SpidKid Locked chat

<SpidGrid> From now on, you will do everything i say

<SpidKid> Or else, the things i do to you will cause nightmares FOR EVER!!!

<SpidSpid> Now lissen carefully...

<SpidMit> First, you give me your IP

<SpidMit> or someone elses IP

<SpidLit> Then, you make me Admin

<SpidZit> Then, we play together :D

[ChatManager] SpidZit gave (Me) MSG privileges

I instant MSGed him the IP of my school.

<Me> (IP)

<SpidZit> Now get me Admin...

<Me> Ur admin

<SpidZit> Brb

At school my teacher was missed, on security cams se got token into a PC somehow, what happened?

Encounter III: 9 Feb 2017

I was playing on my server, and somehow i got taken to singeplayer

<Notch> I need your IP, you will test our new ForceAdmin System, which makes us OP when we join a server

<Me> (IP)

I got taken into the PC

I joined a server

<God> Give me your IP, or i lock your PC forever... and i kil you...

<Owner> (IP)


I banned Owner from the internet, but first i got released from the PC,

now i write this...

How to make your server immune for Entity.Java?

go to your,

make a file with the text


you see on the foto on your right.

Then delete it and do it again,

Entity.Java is commanded to die when he joins your server

if you did this right, and he wont join

your server


This is al 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% True and 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.1% Fake. THX for READING

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