Note: This Story is NOT REAL!!!!! This is made up for entertainment

Note: I know it says its by A Fandom User but I just made my account CursedWarrior so plz go to that


We don't have much time. He's coming.

Flash Back

So I was playing MC just a casual day, I love this server named CosmicMC but today something unforgettable happened. So i logged on, and for some reason (after i joined towny) No one was on.

I found this a bit strange noting that Zaroxy is ALWAYS on, but i continued playing.

I swear that I kept seeing something out the corner of the screen but whenever i looked it wasn't there.

I decided that it was just my mind and continued mining.

Then Zaroxy joined

Instead of being a jerk he kept on saying Null over and over again

I asked what was going on.

Here's that chat log.

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

[Donator] <CursedWarrior> dude whats going on

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

[Donator] <CursedWarrior> DUDE!!!!!

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

Zaroxy left the game

I found it very strange but I figured it was a prank, so i continued mining and building and voting.

But then I was teleported in front of a figure with a white cloak and his name was corrupted

I took a screenshot.

My game crashed and i started it back up.

While it was loading i put the screenshot in a program and i put Auto-Read on.

The text said 3030303030303.

Then the program crashed.

By then MC had started up.

I joined Cosmic again and joined towny.

I was not where I was.

I was in the end and the chat said this.

<303> Hello Mortal

[Donator] <CursedWarrior> Who are you? Why are you doing this?

<303> That's not a good question. How about when will i die? or Can you kill me?

(I didn't say this 303 must of hacked it) [Donator] <CursedWarrior> Can you kill me?

<303> Why of course

[Donator] <CursedWarrior> What NO!!!!!

Right now is the current and... OH MY GOD HE'S AT MY WINDOW.



Error 303 Page Not Found


Hello. I know I have not spoken about the... We will call it the incident in a long time. I am not dead. He showed up at my window trying to kill me. I have not gone on CosmicMC since. Heck I rarely even play Minecraft anymore. I called the police that day but all the police left cause there was nothing they could find. 3 days after they left they were all over the news because they all had heart attacks at the same time 2 days after I called them. I was taken in for questioning about it but I was found innocent. I have decided to go back on CosmicMC to research it. I do not care if I die trying. It is for the greater good. I will be writing this as I do it so everything here is as i do it.


I am going on CosmicMC now. It seems normal at the moment. Everyone is greeting me. Even Zaroxy is being nice. I found this strange. Very strange. Peoples personality's are not normal people who are usually nice being sarcastic. People who are usually sarcastic being nice (including Zaroxy). I am playing normally. I am in the end where it happened. Nothing. Nether. Nothing Overworld. Nothing. I am checking all the warps and nothing is strage except the personality's. I am playing norm... everyone just left... nothing is happening yet. Some textures are glitching out. Ok now things are getting weird. The sun and moon are going fast making night and day fast. Textures are glitching badly. Players skins are nailed to the walls... Its getting weird. I don't wanna do this anymore. I'm leaving.. wait.. The disconnect button is missing. I am trying to close it. No luck. Turn off my computer. No luck. Task manager. No Luck. I am being teleported again. Same place. Same glitched name. Same person. I took another screenshot. I used auto read just to see if something changed. It has. Before the program closed the result was this: "Why did you come back". Minecraft has crashed. I am starting it again and...It's over. I am dying right now. I tell you this do not go on that server... Please for yours and my sake... Don't go. This is the end of me. Goodbye... Wait. he is standing ov... He stabbed me. Goodbye.


olleh ereht. I ma mih. llA ohw neve ees a espmilg fo em llahs eb dehsinup. eheh eybdoog won.

Error 410. Page no longer exists


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