Note: This Story is NOT REAL!!!!! This is made up for entertainment

Note: I know it says its by A Fandom User but I just made my account CursedWarrior so plz go to that


We don't have much time. He's coming.

Flash Back

So I was playing MC just a casual day, I love this server named CosmicMC but today something unforgettable happened. So i logged on, and for some reason (after i joined towny) No one was on.

I found this a bit strange noting that Zaroxy is ALWAYS on, but i continued playing.

I swear that I kept seeing something out the corner of the screen but whenever i looked it wasn't there.

I decided that it was just my mind and continued mining.

Then Zaroxy joined

Instead of being a jerk he kept on saying Null over and over again

I asked what was going on.

Here's that chat log.

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

[Donator] <CursedWarrior> dude whats going on

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

[Donator] <CursedWarrior> DUDE!!!!!

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

[Donator] <Zaroxy> Null

Zaroxy left the game

I found it very strange but I figured it was a prank, so i continued mining and building and voting.

But then I was teleported in front of a figure with a white cloak and his name was corrupted

I took a screenshot.

My game crashed and i started it back up.

While it was loading i put the screenshot in a program and i put Auto-Read on.

The text said 3030303030303.

Then the program crashed.

By then MC had started up.

I joined Cosmic again and joined towny.

I was not where I was.

I was in the end and the chat said this.

<303> Hello Mortal

[Donator] <CursedWarrior> Who are you? Why are you doing this?

<303> That's not a good question. How about when will i die? or Can you kill me?

(I didn't say this 303 must of hacked it) [Donator] <CursedWarrior> Can you kill me?

<303> Why of course

[Donator] <CursedWarrior> What NO!!!!!

Right now is the current and... OH MY GOD HE'S AT MY WINDOW.



Error 303 Page Not Found


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