DISCLAIMER, this is a FAKE creepypasta so none of this is real and its just for entertainment.

So, as you would think as a normal minecrafter I was browsing the forums for mods, until one caught my eye. It was named "Entity 404 legend mod" so I thought "hey, why not?" so i installed it and injected it to my minecraft. But when I booted up minecraft, it already auto-enabled the mod. I thought "hey cool! I dont have to click ANYTHING!" I created a new world and instead of "create new world" its said "404 error" So i figured the mod re-wrote the TITLE screen. So I clicked "404 error" to make the world.

Thats when things got creepy, I joined and there he was, Just a white figure with blood red eyes. He hit me and I was teleported to a room full of wither skeletons, but they were white. I instantly left the game and turned off the mod because it scared the baloney out of me. When I disabled it my game crashed. I thought it was like a stack overflow or something. when I rebooted minecraft everything was normal. when I made a new survival world to post videos on, there he was, as clear white as before. I quickly checked to make sure, yep the mod is off.

Thats when things got REAL, he duplicated himeself and reset my whole computer, it made all my files just poof, gone. When I re-installed minecraft everything was back, all my files and my skin packs, heck even all my natural disaster mods and my advanced crafting mod, it was ALL there. I went to put my skin on and the only skin in all the skin packs wan entity 404's skin.

My computer shut off and he was on the black screen. But he wasn't. He was right behind me.when I turned around he.......






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