Author Note

this is apart of part of the series i am writing about

now to the story

the story

March 17, 2017 AD2

after the 17 Trillion BC2 stupidness a power refixed time but it couldnt have go back to the time of the 2017 AD it could only go to 2017 AD2 herobrine and like 303 and 404 and null and other creepypastas were real the time was nuked in the order of time

but only 5 thousand of minecraft players from 2017 AD the orignal ad was still alive but see Mr.DeathKing500 as the most powerful destiny titian god alive the death russians were turned into titian gods but xBarkPuppy1 and other barkians were creepypastas they got every minecraft player they could to stop Mr.DeathKing500

Note as of March 17 2017 (creating the story)

i am done with the March 17, 2017 AD2 part i will start on March 18, 2017 AD2 part next day

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