My friend and i looked for food and then we saw a cross. we are searching for it. but there is herobrine-like stalking figure. Then we took screenshots. we're looking for this guy. Then we saw our files had 929 of it. we're confused of it. A screen with Entity 929 appeared. we are confused but Amazed. all worlds have been removed. except we played on. It was 929! But we never know the truth.

The picture has the follow. today,there is no truth if 929 is real or not. we comfirmed its fake. Well these signs are unique. they are stalking you!

2017-03-15 16.06.23
So the signs indicate a structure. but you'll never know what is the evidence of it. So the picture leads to a structure. so it was a mystery

The signs of this entity are discovering structures in a unknown place and so. they are not real! they'll be behind of it!

if you solve this structure's mystery. there is no signs of this entity. a terror from darkness.

Lol btw i am Jason Erik


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