"It's a monster. We cannot contain it."

-Mentioned by Notch

Entity Infinity is the successful result of Entity 303, Entity 404, Null and Herobrine's creation. The reason is still unknown.

First mentioned by Notch, Entity Infinity is rarely known, and is still on the run.

The only witness was a YouTuber named HarryOtter, who later disappeared after giving information by posting his encounter on YouTube.

The information he gave was written down by one of the men who worked at a secret foundation.

The information was later deleted by an unknown reason, while some people say it might be Entity Infinity itself who deleted it.

Luckily one of the YouTube admins were able to revert the deletion and were able to write down all of the story in Wikipedia before it gets deleted again.

The admin was killed in his house later, with 4 knife wounds on neck and the other 2 wounds on his chest.

The page in Wikipedia about this unknown entity was once again deleted, but has a reason by an unknown user:

"Stop now. This is the beginning. I will strike soon. 10/31/2017 {33.8007° N, 117.9209° W}"

The following coordinates were reaveled to be MineCon 2016's location, where it is rumored to be Entity Infinity's biggest showdown with minecraft players.

Sighting of HarryOtter

Hi, I'm Harry, or known as HarryOtter.

This video is top secret, and whoever it is watching this video, all minecraft players are in danger. They are all being hunted. Hide from the creation they built.

How do I know that? The story of my encounter with Entity Infinity, the father of all destruction.

I hope you keep this a secret, because if he finds out, this video will be deleted.

It started with me playing on a server called Pixeltopia, where we could build anything there. No one kind of joined at that day, and I was alone building a giant snow man.

Suddenly I saw some people chat, and they were like in a middle of a meeting:

<Herobrine>Okay, so what? We are going to be one?

<Entity_303>Yes. The one.

<Entity_404>Sounds g00d.

<Null>So let's do it. Open up DestructMachine.

I was kind of curious, so I asked them:

<HarryOtter>Hey! What u guys doing?

<Entity_303>Well, well, well, we have a witness


<Null>You shall see the end of your world

<Entity_404>The end of humanity

<Herobrine>We will strike

<HarryOtter>Guys stop spamming

<Entity_303>We are the threats of minecraft.

<Herobrine>And lastly, we will be one big giant monster, which is never unstoppable.

<HarryOtter>Wat no

I was op anyway, so I teleported to them. I saw all of them, with their skins that represented their names. They seemed to be surrounding a redstone machine that was somehow powering a beacon.


<Entity_303>So, Harry, now make a wish.

<HarryOtter>Stop trolling me

Just then someone joined.

<Notch>I don't want you in my world, devils! Get out!


<Entity_303>I will not. You are just a noob now. We are stronger than you.

Suddenly, when Herobrine heard his old brother's voice, his evil side began to crack.

<Herobrine> Run, Brother!

Will be released soon

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