This might sound crazy but, I saw a guy in Minecraft that was NOT block shaped. He looked so much like a real person. His username was Erehmorfton. I started a new survival world just for fun. I didn't build a house because I wanted to live in the wilderness. When it was getting late on my second day, I decided to go to bed because I had a lot of trouble with mobs on the first night. Right when I placed down my bed everything in my inventory was gone. "At least I still have my bed," I thought. But I wasn't able to sleep on the bed (And it was night not day, I'm no noob. If you think I'm a noob then you're a fat noob.) And then all the sudden it was raining. We all know how annoying rain can be. After fighting off a bunch of mobs, I saw him. I was pretty far from him and he looked like an Enderman. I actually like fighting Endermen. As I got closer the "Enderman" started changing shape. That's when I saw his name tag. When I read it I thought, "Erehmorfton? That's 'not from here' backwards!" Then his real person shape took place. Then he started walking at me and he said in the chat, "You look tired, let me tup uoy ot peels!" Tup uoy ot peels is put you to sleep backwards. When I figured that out I started running and said "YOU'RE NOT MY DAD!!!!" No not really. All of the sudden I couldn't move and could only turn my head and body. Then Erehmorfton caught up with me and killed me in one hit. When I died he said "Sleep tight!" And I didn't dare to respawn. I quit to title immediately.