Far away, legend tells of a witch living in the exact same co-ordinates in every world. They
are ***, ***, ***.

Ancient tales

Ermentrude could give anything enchantments that didn't exist in very high levels. She crafted a chest storing XP out of lapis and emeralds, and the rumour is that she has over *************** levels. She has harnessed the powers of every mob and has mastered the blocks of magic. She can capture lightning in a bottle, and the End is a snowglobe above the fireplace. To find her, a map is found in ordinary ******** underneath the *******. Will she help you? Possibly. Possibly not. Hackers cannot beat her, griefers cannot grief her, trolls cannot outsmart her. She has the abilities of ************, astral projection, ****, kinetism, telekinesis, *******, telepathy, and according to legend, ************. Notch himself added her as a secret feature, and told no-one but *********. Find her if you dare...