The corrupted creature has begun his journey

I was trying to make a 1000 ways to die in minecraft video, then I realized that you can play in different versions of minecraft, so I switched to 1.7.10. Then I started a survival world. Everything went normal...

But I was wrong.

It all started when I came back home after mining. I went outside to see the sunset. Then, I had a very brief inturruption. I usually pause the game when it happens. But I didn't. I came back to my computer and then I saw that my player was killed! I saw the death message was

<Player name> fell out of the world Ouch! That got to hurt!

I was so confused. I pressed respawn, and I spawned in this giant cave area that I didn't make. It seems that someone blew it up with TNT, but who? There was torches and it netherrack burning. I saw a hole that leads to the void. I was trying my best to get out of this cave, but I fell into the hole that leads to the void by accident. When I died I just pressed title screen. A few weeks past. I logged into the world. Then I clicked respawn, and ironically I spawned in this 3x2 tunnel made entirely of oak wood planks. Redstone torches were lined up on the right wall. I found a 2x1 tunnel inside the painting. There was only one redstone torch, the rest of the long-narrow tunnel is completely dark. I kept walking until a piston pushed me into a hole. I saw a sign that said random characters, or gibberish that said g4J9x90yjK3fMn4XqKFuUTY8aYfHItBLvcQkPHwxgw8=. I turned around, and nothing was behind me. I turn around again, and then I saw this glitched looking figure. The game crashed immediately with a wierd glitch sound. After that, I had so many questions to ask. I didn't ever want to go to that wrold ever again. Later on that day, I saw a .TXT file in my .minecraft folder that is called rorre.txt. Inside of the file said:


This was more gibberish that I encountered.

A few days past when I found out that the gibberish was a encrypted message. g4J9x90yjK3fMn4XqKFuUTY8aYfHItBLvcQkPHwxgw8 meant:

Ero will return

and  kuAlAmoUEDMDS+8xa6uMziQF5ZxQSzMtbQoy62zN9MI= meant: 

He always will.

Who is Ero, and what does he want?

May 25th, 2017

About a month past. I haven't checked the .minecraft file for awhile so I did on that day. Another strange .TXT file was in there called yrots_hexidecimal.txt. I opened it and this is what it said:


I found out that it was a message in hexidecimal, not encrypted. I converted it to text and this is what it said:

Ero used to work at Mojang, until one day he was corrupted by Null. He was glitched out and his skin was glitched too. He no longer works for mojang. He became part the minecraft creepypasta team. Message from Ero-

First target on the list: Tommilluminati

Now, Null please destroy this innocent user! All innocents must not exist and we dominate the entire Minecraft game!

NO! What are you doing master? Are you losing your mind!

Stay away! Why are you doing ths?

Get him not me!


Ero was killed.......

My question was, why was he after me? And how is he still alive when he's killed by his master? Why did his master kill him? Still this odd mystery is unsolved.

May 27th, 2018

I had not frogotten about Ero, I had a clear memory. I had still done research trying to answer my questions. Why was his master? Why did his master kill him? Why Ero? And of course I had some more. I got on my computer and looked at the .minecraft file and found the same .TXT files. But there was a scroll bar, this meant there was more files. So I scrolled down and found one called erodie.TXT. I immediantly deleted it. I didn't wan't anything to do with "Ero" anymore. But I got a urge to play minecraft and so I did. I remembered that me and my friends had a private server, so I joined it to see what was going on because it was usally active. I joined, and my friend who was the host was online. Heres the chat that was going on:

<Me>: Sup bro,

<Friend>: Dude, this world was hacked or something. It's been lagging too much. And the mobs are acting weird

<Me>: Oh crap,

<Friend>: Wut?

<Me>: I've been having weird crap going on too

<Friend>: lol theres a new hacker in town

<Ero>: 45 72 6f 20 68 61 73 20 72 65 74 75 72 6e 65 64


<Friend>: WUT DA

My friend checked the player list and him and I were the only players. As we were playing we've been experiencing major glitches. This chicken had a skin for a polar bear, and it was just plain weird. When ever we play that server again we get the same message everytime, "45 72 6f 73 20 77 61 74 63 68 69 6e 67" I remembered, Ero will return. He always will.

May 30th, 2019 (Ero started to spread in thousands of servers)

I played on Hypixel Skywars. It was fun. But it was over on 9/30, because while I was playing Hypixel Skywars, my game lags. A lot. It seems like everyone else is, since they are going in random circles. Then, my game stoped lagging and everything was normal. So is the players. But I saw a figure in the middle of the skywars game. Everyone in the chat are going completely nuts when they saw it. But it looked familiar to me. Its glitched body looked straight at me. My game started glitching and I know what I have to do. I turned around immediatly. my game no longer started glitching. Then, I looked in the chat, and I saw this:

<random text> <Ero> 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 <random text>

Okay, now I'm really confused. You can't type messages THAT long in Minecraft! So, Ero has came back, again! But wait, that gibberish/coding is definintely encrypted text! I decrypted it, and this is what it said:

I am finally free! After 5 years left in the darkness, forgoten, abandoned, I would do what I want to do. Take over Minecraft! Thanks to Null, after he unlocked my prison cell, My plan has now unleashed! I now have the ability to corrupt and hack into random servers. Over 1000 today have been attcked! Now I am the most famous one Hypixel of course, now has been hacked! Wait a minute, its, its, you! Tommilluminati! You can't escape from me this time! Get back here! Dang it! I'll get you next time. And it won't be pretty! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! 

So Ero was originally trapped in the darkness for 5 whole years straight, and now has attcked thousands of servers today. Then suddenly, the server closes randomly. I wasn't recording while I was playing Minecraft. Well, that is all folks! I'll gab some more info if I encountered Ero again. (P.S. Ero is Ore backwards. Probably thats some piece of evidence that will solve this lutanic mystery.)