Hello I will tell you something,so I had a file explorer and I messed with minecraft's files and then I saw something named -01.PNG I copied it and made it my skin in MC and I started a survival world (I don't know if this will happen to you but the seed was -01) and I did stuff I usually do when I'm playing Minecraft and made a house and then I went mining,at first it was just me mining and then I exited the world and then reloaded it and then in the corner of my eye spotted something that seemed smiling it gave me a creepy look then obviously, I ran into the deepness of the cave then I accidentally fell into lava(good thing I didn't find diamonds)when I respawned my house was burning then BOOM the game crash for no reason I reloaded it again and then the splash was highlighted in red it said I AM WATCHING YOU and I went into my world again and all the creepers where charged creepers the forest was burning my chest was empty my inventory was empty and I saw the entity that had a creepy smile I said to myself "maybe it's just a glitched cow or something " then I died for no reason the text that be continued

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