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This pasta is FAKE, don't believe. Also this isn't trollpasta, because this isn't some funny cheese guy...

Esrom's first encounter


I'm just playing minecraft, finding some chickens to eat.

IMG 1191

Esrom's skin

I ran over some chickens until some player with a yellow skin joined my single player world. The name tag showed "Esrom".


<Aaron>Who are you?

<Esrom>..- / .-. / -.. . .- -..

<Aaron>What is that suppose to mean, Mr.Cheese?

<Esrom>-.. .. .

<Aaron>Umm, what?

EsR0M HäS 13Ft Th3 GÄmè

Back to the story

After the "Esrom" left my game, things were getting back to normal.

But when I was in my bed at night, I could see a yellow figure standing beside me, with its rotten teeth exposed in the darkness...

I woke up in 6:00 AM. My eyes were blurry, and I could barely see a thing. My eyes started to get better, and I stumbled myself up.