Hi, my name is Ethan. I'm 13, and I constantly get bullied by other players in Minecraft. Until one day, I became a hero. Let me explain.

Here I was, in Mineplex, playing UHC. My partner left me so I was on solo. I spawned in a plain. The only odd thing was zombies were wandering around, but not getting caught on fire. Then, a message appeared on our chat bar. It said in red, "THE BRIGHTEST DAY HAS BEGUN." I thought it was a prank by Mineplex like they did on April fools day. Although, it wasn't April fools day. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the chat bar said "AwSoME876 has been deleted". Then, it said AwSoME876 has left life. We were all frightened. But it only got worse from there. Suddenly, it said EntityM35 has joined the game in red. Suddenly, a voice spoke to all of us. it said "I HAVE 20 SOULS. NOW, THIS MEANS I CAN BE RELEASED FROM HELL. NOW I WILL RULE THIS GAME, THEN RULE THE WORLD! WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT PLAYER? I CONSUMED HIS SOUL!!!" We were all frightened. We tried to disconnect, but it said "In the Brightest Day You Must Stay." We tried powering off our computer but it would just keep its power on. We tried breaking it with hammers, but the computers could not break. Then, the voice spoke again and said "DON'T LEAVE, THE PARTY HAS JUST BEGUN." Then, somehow we were magically forced to play. It was clear that we could not avoid this situation any way we possibly tried. so we did the one thing we could......We fought.

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