I was in the games code trying to edit my minecraft. I scrolled to far down then I was at the barrier my pal (Gabriel) told me not too hack threw it but me being dumb I just said *I DONT CARE IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG* I just ignored him being rude. I hacked threw the barrier. This is when creepy shit happens. I saw a image of my family dead and creepy text written in blood saying YOUR NEXT! I scrolled down more until I saw these word  I'm your best friend YOU DIRTY HACKER. and then I saw 666 written over and over and over again. This is when I left to play mincraft. But when I joined my world I spawn in a place saying  YOU ARE THE DEVIL DUMBASS. This is when I got logged off of my computer I reloged only to see my backround picture changed to my family dead and all my picture were my family dead. Then I got the Memz virus. I got a new computer but it had my backround picture of my family dead. And my all my computers I got were corrupted so I stopped. And never went to the games code ever again but all my worlds (even when I make new ones) were corrupted. I reported this on my phone and Microsoft almost in 1 second reply 102918 error code 666. I got so scared I almost threw my phone out the window. the user name changed to 666 and the text being YOU ARE NOW HACKED AND DIE YOU IDIOT! And then I destroyed all my electronics but the computer... and then my computer turned on for no reason I went to my profile but my profile picture was my family dead in fact all of the profiles were my family dead. As that happened my profile got logged in for no reason I freaked out I could not turn my computer off and the only thing that was there was Minecraft and creeper.avi I knew creeper.avi was a bad idea because it will just make it worse so I went into Minecraft but the screen was bloodiest red I could not turn back I went to singleplayer. But the only world that was there was YOU ARE NEXT! Out of curiosity I played dumb and went into the world. I could not make new worlds after that and I could not leave. As soon as I joined everything was bloody and saw a bloodthirsty creature up ahead. I got teleported to a strange place in the nether that doesn't exists. I said in the chat STOP!! But strange enough I saw a reply saying No you dirty hacker! I was so sacred. More creepy shit happened after that. It closed by itself and I was put into creeper.avi. I suggest go to a category to see creeper.avi. then I saw red eyes and the text saying YOUR NEXT! Then I saw the worst thing ever I got all of the computer viruses. I then bought a new computer but when I turned it on it looked the exactly as the previous one. I freaked out I then used system recovery wiping out all my files. But then when I bought Minecraft again a screen pop up saying you shouldn't have done that. After that I when to play Minecraft the screen was still bloodiest red I when a made a new world but when I joined everything I could see was covered in blood. And I saw Steve but his skin was dark and he had red eyes. This is when I died and my backround picture was me dead and a message saying EVERYONE YOU LOVE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I freaked out and knowing like I did bullshit I should of listened to Gabriel   I almost threw my compu

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