10/07/2016: I was playing on a factions server, until, my friend heard whispers saying his name and the items "BLOODYSMILE.EXE"  and "NOESCAPE.AVI"

11/07/2016: Again on that server, My friend saw a red figure with a smile, and 2 items named         "BLOODYSMILE.EXE" and one named "NOESCAPE.AVI"

12/07/2016: While playing minecraft, i saw a black figure for a glimpse, falling from the ceiling of my house. My friend also saw the red figure behind me when i was near my farm...

12/07/2016 (Dream): I dreamed i saw the 2 figures harvesting and replanting my crops in my farm, will this happen in the future?

13/07/2016: When i joined, i saw that my stone generator had a redstone block on it, could this mean something? I am trying to use Binary to Hexadecimal to talk to the figures. My first "Hexabin" text is 303130303130303020303131303031303120303131303131303020303131303131303020303131303131313120303031313131313120 which means "Hello?"

My other friend saw the red figure behind me again at my farm, but i was facing the farm, he was on the roof, it bent down and tried to grab me, it barely touched me, i escaped, the black one has only 7 appearances for now, the red, has 5. I later discovered the names of these are linked to the items, the red one is bloody smile, the black one is no escape, are they working together or against each other?

14/07/2016: Not much happened today, just some sightings as usual, i also saw noescape at spawn

15/07/2016: I took a close look at noescape, he was a black figure but not with grey eyes and white pupils, he had a red smile and completely red eyes

16/07/2016: Iron golems everywhere and strange strange stuff, what was happening?

Five months pass without them and my friend is acting weird...

10/12/2016: I saw them... Looking at me just standing there. On my OWN server.

...But not a trace of my friend