When i played minecraft as my skin fall master yt i made this house the next day i joined back then i saw this sign FallMasterE.X.E. then it stoped then my skin turned to steve when i changed it back it did not work so i play as steve then joined my world then FallMasterE.X.E. showed up he had bloody arms and bloody eyes then when i exit minecraft i play youtube but most of the videos i saw was FallMasterE.X.E. I quickly quit youtube but when i play all my apps it was desame it only shows FallMasterE.X.E. when i play the computer it says there FallMasterE.X.E. was here so i stoped and watched tv then this video showed up saying i am comming then all my apps where gone then all i saw was my ipad with a black screen same with computer The End.

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