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At Dec 12 2010, there was a player named "FarlandGuy", who was nicknamed "Nooby" by his friends due to his bad gaming in minecraft. Everytime, the friends would grief his builds and push him off the cliff. Nooby would then kick them out of his game, but they would just come back and cause madness again.

One day, Nooby went into a server called FarGameZ. There was build battle, TNT run, and survival games. He chose build battle, and the game started. The building what they must build show "A noob." After Nooby built a Steve model with derp eyes, the game ended. When he looked at the others builds, he wasn't very happy.

They built HIM, with derp eyes and with a giant mouth, saying "I am noob." The players laughed and laughed, and Nooby got out of the game. He became so heart broken and sad, he suicided by jumping off his own house. His body was taken to the grave and burned, but his very soul was still alive, and swears REVENGE.

One night, the friend of Nooby's was playing minecraft with his other friends, finding the farlands. After they found it, they saw the giant wall, with amazing features. But something was not right. There was sign saying "FARLANDS WILL KILL YOU." Of course, they just laughed and broke the sign. After that, weird things started to happen soon. Some noises were playing, and they were patterns of growls and screams. They started getting nervous as they walked to the farlands.

Suddenly, their screen corrupted. There was a message saying "{[Error:}]Java.script/notfound.[FARLAN.DER}}". They all screamed, and Minecraft crashed. The friends left because they thought his house was haunted, and the friend of Nooby's was left alone. He stared to his screen, and found Minecraft was opened. "Play....." said a mysterious voice. "Or you'll die..." Shaking, the friend clicked play. The game loaded itself onto a new world.

Then, the friend found himself in a strange graveyard in. Minecraft. Everywhere was foggy. The graves were glowing red. Blood was everywhere. The friend clicked space, and a farlands appeared. The farlands suddenly made a screeching noise, and started molting. The friend was shocked to see the farmlands molt and transformed into a player model, but with floating pieces. It approached the friend, and said "Hello, old friend." and the screen blacked out. The friend cried and muttered things like "No, please! No!" Suddenly, the lights went out. As the friend turned around, he saw a dark figure with floating pieces and wet. He thought it was water, but it was blood. The figure grabbed the friend's leg and chopped it off. The friend screamed, and the figure slowly, clutched into the friend's stomach with a knife, ripping its organs in its way. The friend moaned and moaned, until he lay dead. The figure laughed and disappeared into darkness, and at morning, his parents were questioning the police about his death.

After 1 month, another friend of Nooby was killed in the same way. After days and weeks, all of the friends were found dead with its stomach wounded badly and a leg chopped off. Blood was everywhere. The detectives went into the first one's computer to see what happened. There was a new file named "Error". The detectives weren't sure why this folder was named error, but when they opened the file, they saw a picture of a body with no head with the background of farlands. There was a small writing in poor quality with the red font. The detectives took the text and when they enhanced and made it bigger in their office, the message said "REVENGE IS COMPLETED. I AM REDNALRAF. I WILL KILL ANYONE IF I CAN HARNESS THE FIVE." The detectives were not sure what is the 5. They will investigate and will report soonly.