This is a classic!
This is a well-known pasta. Plot changes should not be added until information has been released by the author.

Hi !

I'm a big Minecraft fan. You see, me and a few of my friends do not have Minecraft, while almost everyone else that I know has Minecraft.

One day, I was searching for a free version of Minecraft. Then, I found a website titled:FREE MINECRAFT. I was happy and i clicked it. When it opened up it only showed one button:Download.

I clicked it anyway. My PC lagged a bit. Then a scream came out of my speakers.

This made me shiver.Then it opened Minecraft.exe file. there was a game and notepad file.The file had a few gibberish in first line and a word:

You are next,mortal !

It instantly opened the game.

The background was red and black.The Minecraft logo was broken and cracked.the was only one button:

Die !

I clicked it and it took 5 minutes to load.When it loaded the world was different.The grass was blood red,the sky was reddish black,the trees were dark gray.In front of me was large castle.Near it was a sign with word:Forbidden Dimension castle.

There was a lever. And when i clicked on lever it opened doors.It also gave me enchanted iron sword and chain armor.In chat a word appeared:Survive.In the main entrance were bunch of skeleton heads and wither skeleton heads.

Then the doors behind me closed.

I was shaking in fear.I tried to turn of computer but it said:You can't until you survive.If you do, your computer will never turn off.All lights during the night will no longer work,and you will die.

I went to open next door.There was a lever too.It brought me to a hallway with multiple paths.There were doors with rooms,the rooms were small and each had a sign that says: Subject no.1,2,3,4 ... failed to escape.

I came to a stairway.It needed a button which was in first room in front of door.I put the button and activated it,opening the door.I went to a top where was a button with sign:Accept the challenge.I pressed it and it brought me to a large field with a player.It looked like Steve but with fully black eyes and a gold crown with blood stains.He had 20 health

He also greeted himself as Forbidden King he than said this.

Forbidden King:do you accept the challenge ? If you don't.You will die !


Forbidden King: Fight then,puny mortal !

It brought us to small arena.He had enchanted diamond sword and armor.While i still had same armor and a sword.I had only half a heart until we both stopped.It was like that for 1 minute.

Soon, he got bigger and got double health.I got bigger too with double health too.When i had only half a heart i couldn't move again.

The Forbidden King said:Now it's the time.

He charged a slow moving arrow.I mashed all keyboard buttons.I dodged 5 of his attacks.Until he became stunned and i could attack.I managed to kill him,but it wasn't over yet.The hole has opened and by surprise i got a message from Notch.It also said that Notch joined the game.

The message said:Push him in the hole,to permanently seal the kingdom so he cannot hurt anyone anymore.After that close your eyes since there will flashing jumpscares for 5 seconds.

After that everything was normal then but i still don't want to play Minecraft

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