Ok guys so once I was On MC and I put a world called "null in roblox" and the seed was "d3f4lt and null" and then when I went on grass broke by itself when I saw this happen i screamed. LOUD. Then my friend (Currently with me in real life) spotted a plant that broke on the side. I didn't see that one. Then the second time the plant on the side broke and I saw it this time then the plant in front of me broke. Another time i tried this the plant (this story sucks) - an anonymous user... on the side didn't break and two plants broke in front of me (I entered the seed and world on PE) and I said the was "Null" (Null: A MC CreepyPasta that is pure black and acts similar to HeroBrine Null can crash your game and null can be watching you in MC.) Anyways, I will do more if I see anything else Weird!

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