I started a world on the Xbox 360. I only had a silver live account so I can't do multiplayer :c.

I spawned in a mini snow biome, surrounded by a river and the rest was desert. I chopped down the few trees and went searching for a desert village but I did keep the coordinates down so I could return to it.

They were 197, 69, and -284. Then I found this HUGE desert village, but something was off. All of the villagers were panicking, rushing inside houses only to rush back out. I was really confused, when suddenly they all died and dropped a bunch of snowballs completely filling my inventory and overriding the rest of my stuff.

Extremely annoyed, I locked myself in a house and waited out the night by throwing all of the snowballs and picking up the ones in the house.

Day finally came and I ran out of the house throwing the snowballs some more and headed in a random direction hoping it was the way back to the snow island. Then a HUGE lag spike took place.

It lasted about 11 seconds and when the game started back up it was snowing in the desert. I was really confused as snow golems spawned and started to attack me. My brain was melting at this point.

Losing all logic, I ran away from the snow golems and backed into a cactus and got pummeled by snowballs constantly pushing me back into the cactus. Then, embarrassingly, I started punching at the snowballs, hoping to deflect them.

I died from the cactus. The death message insultingly said, "noob was stabbed to death." I started walking in a new direction, but I got encased in ice. I tried breaking it to no avail.

Then, behind me, I see a person that looked sorta like Steve but in a lighter color palette. I could tell because he looked the same as Steve through the ice, and I know that looking through ice darkens things. Then the game end message started, but this time it was all of those messed up letters that I could not read. Then I find myself back at the title screen to find all my worlds deleted.