One day a player named TheFastAdventurer39 whas playing minecraft he defeat the same bosses over and over again he's bored of doing that he's wanted a new boss 2 fight then mysteriously comong from he's phone a unknown voice saying him what there is another boss Fast started become happy and the unknown voice saying him some codes 2 unlock a special generated structure and inside whas the boss.1 day later he's use the codes and he's start minecraft then he's make many time 2 find the structure and they make many minecraft day's and then he found a wierd arena he's go inside and they're has many pazzles then he wanted 2 stop but he's remember what he's name whas adventurer soo he's never stop then he finally solve it then he's need 2 fight all the monster guards and have all diamond gear on then he defeated them then he's finally see the boss the boss start throwing fireball and he's chatting that whas very strange for boss but he whas a stacked player who he's soul whas in minecraft and he cant defeat the boss then minecraft crashed as usual then you see creepy stuff and he's deleted the code.