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The First Encounter

IMG 1166

A corrupted image of Glitch-pech taken by its first witness

So it started off when me and Damon were playing on a multiplayer world white listed so no one could interrupt us.

We built a wooden house for us to live so we could rest there.

I was chasing some running pigs when suddenly my screen kind of glitched for 2 sec, and everything was back to normal. I didn't tell Damon, because he might go berserk.

I went back and chasing pigs again when the chat interrupted me:

Error[G1iPcH-P3cH\~{jpg} has been attacking your application. Please proceed with caution.

I was pretty scared at first, but I managed to cool down and continued chasing the pigs.

Suddenly, I heard a growling noise. I turned around, expecting to see a monster or something, but nothing appeared. I asked Damon if it was him messing around with commands, and he said he didn't.

Well, I got 3 porkchops from the pigs, and returned to our house. Damon was already there, waiting for me. I put the porkchops in the furnace, and slowly the porkchops caught fire.

Damon asked me why'd I ask him messing with commands, and I just said to get over it.

The porkchops roasted and I went to grab them, but that's when the alert message returned:

Error[G1iPcJ-P3cH\~{jpg} has been attacking your application. Please proceed with caution.

Damon asked me what the hell is going on, and I told him I don't know either. Just then something popped up on chat:

<G1iPcH-P3cH>HeL10, ViCt1mS

<Damon>Wat the

<RadioActive>Who r u

<G1iPcH-P3cH>Y0u @Re Th3 Vi(c)T1mS

<RadioActive>I said WHO ARE YOU dummy

<Damon>Bad idea saying that

<RadioActive>It's just a game

<G1iPch-P3cH>HuM@nS, tHiS iS n0t A gAm3

<RadioActive>lol yea right

<G1iPch-P3cH>Y0u w@aNt t0 d1e

<G1iPch-P3cH>@s y0u wIsh

Suddenly, it started raining TNTs, exploding as it hit the ground. We started running out of the house as we saw lava slowly poured in. Damon was freaking out, and accused me of starting this madness. The sky turned grey, and the mysterious entity joined us for a chat once again.

<G1iPch-P3cH>Y0u nEv3r sh0uLd h@vE s@iD th0sE woRds

<Damon>Leave us alone!!

<RadioActive>I don't who you are, and what you are

<RadioActive>Leave us alone, and that would be the end of it


And with that, we got kicked out of our own server. I was imediatley teleported to an another world, and Damon was right beside me.

<RadioActive>Damon! U okay, bro?

<Damon>I'm fine

<G1iPch-P3cH>W3lc0me t0 mY w0RLd

Suddenly, a player popped in front of us. It was pale, and its eyes were red, the black outlines stretching across its body. With each second it twitches and glitches, almost like having an animation error.



<Glitch-PecH>Now you understand me clearly, yes?

We didn't say anything, frozen with fear.

<Glitch-PecH>Answer me, children

<Damon>Uh yes yes we understand


The player started walking towards us, twitching as I started sweating.

<RadioActive>Are u a hacker?

<Glitch-PecH>I'm far more than that. My name, is Code 898. I hide under this name Glitch-Pech

Code 898 paused for a moment, and looked directly in the eye to me, which made me jump. I sighed heavily and started typing again.

<RadioActive>Will you leave us alone?

<GlCode-P8e9c8>N0. I've alre@dY told you.

I'm a deM0n you shouldn't m3ss wiTh

<Code-898>I can exterminate your souls right now

Suddenly, I felt my heart stop beating. I fell to the ground, slowly losing consciousness. "Make...It....stop..." I slowly wheezed. Finally, I could breathe again. I stood up, and looked at my hands. They were pale, and now it started getting back to normal.

<RadioActive>Did you do this to me?


<Code-898>Yes. I can corrupt and terminate you

<Damon> Oh Sht.