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This story is fake, please don't believe it.

The story

IMG 1166

A corrupted image of Glitch-pech taken by its first witness

So it started off when me and Damon were playing on a multiplayer world white listed so no one could interrupt us.

We built a wooden house for us to live so we could rest there.

I was chasing some running pigs when suddenly my screen kind of glitched for 2 sec, and everything was back to normal. I didn't tell Damon, because he might go berserk.

I went back and chasing pigs again when the chat interrupted me:

Error[G1iPcH-P3cH\~{jpg} has been attacking your application. Please proceed with caution.

I was pretty scared at first, but I managed to cool down and continued chasing the pigs.

Suddenly, I heard a growling noise. I turned around, expecting to see a monster or something, but nothing appeared. I asked Damon if it was him messing around with commands, and he said he didn't.

Well, I got 3 porkchops from the pigs, and returned to our house. Damon was already there, waiting for me. I put the porkchops in the furnace, and slowly the porkchops caught fire.

Damon asked me why'd I ask him messing with commands, and I just said to get over it.

The porkchops roasted and I went to grab them, but that's when the alert message returned:

Error[G1iPcJ-P3cH\~{jpg} has been attacking your application. Please proceed with caution.

Damon asked me what the hell is going on, and I told him I don't know either. Just then something popped up on chat:

<G1iPcH-P3cH>HeL10, ViCt1mS

<Damon>Wat the

<RadioActive>Who r u

<G1iPcH-P3cH>Y0u @Re Th3 Vi(c)T1mS

<RadioActive>I said WHO ARE YOU dummy

<Damon>Bad idea saying that

<RadioActive>It's just a game

<G1iPch-P3cH>HuM@nS, tHiS iS n0t A gAm3


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