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Golden Herobrine is a version of Herobrine from the far future. He was created after Entity 303 took control of a world on Minecraft in the future. He is like normal Herobrine, except that he has a golden skin. He will attack you if you approach him. When attacked by him, you will turn to gold, Like the Midas Touch. Do not hold a monster egg in his presence. It will make him attack you even in creative. He was created only to save Minecraft from Entity 303. He was created when Herobrine ate a golden apple with no injuries. His body morphed with the apple and he became Golden Herobrine. The original Herobrine is thought to be dead until being discovered by a strange entity called Ultrix. It is half man half machine, a cyborg. It found him in a strange land made of Netherrack. It is said that Golden Herobrine has been wiped out by normal Herobrine because Golden Herobrine turned evil and started to assist Entity 303. However, he has survived and is still out there. If you see him and turn to gold then something will happen. Your character will be forced to help Entity 303. If you are forced into doing that, then try to find a diamond. If you see a diamond, then the game will reset and Golden Herobrine will disappear forever. Good luck!

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