Gourmand 2- Starvation
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|<HyperStanners abandoned this pasta. It is unlikely it will be finished.>

I am HyperStanners. And Gourmand is fat. That's all you need to know. alive?

If you've read Part One, you may know that Gourmand has an annoying habit of never dying. This happened again. Screw him. 

I was on the server, being swag as usual, when a player - maybe an NPC - walked up to me. He had no nametag, but he did have a skin. It was like a starving cyclops. This happened:

<6e56fgh567df8rte6>HyperStanners, I have finally managed to contact you. I am the being​ you know as Gourmand. If you wish, then yes, you may call me that.


<6e56fgh567df8rte6>I am being pursued by Starvation. He is another being like me. We were created by StriperStanners in France as AI, which is why I speak French. I came to this world for supplies so that I could defeat him. Our creator has forced us to fight. But I cannot do it alone.

[Staff]<HyperStanners>I'm in. What do you need?

I used commands to give Gourmand as many OP items as possible. Whoever had most would win.