MinePlots Offender Trial

Type: Griefer

Trial ID: AB-585

Offender Name: TheCakeBorn_

Staff Assigned: 4little


<4little> Let’s begin, shall we.

<4little> Explain yourself.

<4little> Why did you grief over 12 plots?

<TheCakeBorn_> You should ask that question yourself.

<4little> Why is that?

<TheCakeBorn_> YOU griefed this server.

<4little> That is not true at all.

<TheCakeBorn_> Oh yes it is.

<4little> Again, why did you grief the server?

<TheCakeBorn_> Why did YOU grief the server.

<4little> Ok, different question: How did I grief the server.

<TheCakeBorn_> You abused your staff powers to join stranger’s plots and griefed them, before being caught.

<4little> It is the exact opposite.

<4little> That is why you are here.

<4little> Because you griefed multiple plots.

<TheCakeBorn_> And how do you know it wasn’t you?

<TheCakeBorn_> How do you know that you did not in fact grief all the plots.

<4little> Okay, are you trolling me right now?

<TheCakeBorn_> Not at all.

<4little> Look, if you admit to doing it and apologize, the ban will only last a month.

<4little> If you don’t, it will be permanent.

<TheCakeBorn_> Whatever.

<TheCakeBorn_> You will just ban yourself.

<4little> What do you mean?

<TheCakeBorn_> If you ban me, you ban yourself.

<4little> Why is that?

<TheCakeBorn_> You do not know who you are speaking to right now.

<4little> I am talking to a griefer.

<TheCakeBorn_> No.

<TheCakeBorn_> You are only talking to yourself.

<4little> Huh?

<TheCakeBorn_> Because I AM you.

<TheCakeBorn_> I am your other you.

<TheCakeBorn_> The evil one, that wants to break the rules.

<4little> You aren’t

<TheCakeBorn_> Yes I am.

<TheCakeBorn_> You are me.

<TheCakeBorn_> I am you.

<TheCakeBorn_> And we are one and the same being.

<4little> That can’t be true.

<TheCakeBorn_> Think, how did I access the plots without being added.

<TheCakeBorn_> Only staff can do that.

<TheCakeBorn_> Because you are me.

<4little> Because I am you?

<TheCakeBorn_> You are me?

<TheCakeBorn_> I am you.

<TheCakeBorn_> And we are the same being.

<4little> I will try banning you.

<TheCakeBorn_> Don’t try it.

<TheCakeBorn_> Carter.

<4little> How…

<4little> That’s it.

<4little> I will.

TheCakeBorn_ has been banned by 4little for permanent.


4little has been unbanned by RiceKrispy

<RiceKrispy> Why did you ban yourself dude?

<RiceKrispy> Oh well, please go on Skype.

<4little> HELP!

<4little> Hahaha.

<RiceKrispy> What is going on?

<4little> Foolish human.

<4little> I am much worse than anything you have ever experienced.

<4little> I am 4little.

<4little> And he was me.

<4little> NO I AM HERE!

<RiceKrispy> What is happening Little?

<4little> But now he isn’t anymore.

<4little> I AM STILL HERE!

<4little> I consumed him.

<4little> He is now battling me in his own body.

<4little> I WI

<4little> WILL

<4little> He is losing though.

<4little> He can’t win.

<RiceKrispy> Whoever you are, leave Little alone?!

<RiceKrispy> I know him IRL, and I will call the police.

<4little> I can not leave him.

<4little> I AM him.

<4little> I AM Carter’s other side.

<RiceKrispy> How do you know his real name?

<4little> I am his hidden, darker side.

<4little> The sadistic, evil side.

<4little> Everyone has one.

<4little> But everyone’s other side is different.

<4little> Some people's other side is nice, Carter's isn't.

<RiceKrispy> WHAT THE HELL!

<4little> Animal abuse, rape, pedophillia, murder.

<RiceKrispy> SHUT UP!

<4little> It is sick, but Carter is fascinated by those things.

<4little> And that is me.

<4little> And the thing is.

<4little> Most people are born with their dark side hidden, only “leaking out sometimes”.

<4little> Others are born with the dark side out, and are classified as “mentally unstable”.

<4little> And for some, the dark side takes over later on.

<4little> That is me.


<4little> And do you know why I took over just now?

<4little> It is because Carter’s parents are divorcing, and he is now depressed.

<4little> Bet he didn’t tell you that.

<RiceKrispy> Just please…

<RiceKrispy> Stop.

<4little> No.

<4little> I have many plans for my life.

<4little> First I will finally kill that annoying neighbor.

<4little> The I can destroy my brother for taking away all the attention off me as a kid.

<4little> And then, who knows?


<4little> But now, I will begin my new and free life by destroying this shitty server.

<RiceKrispy> WHAT THE FUCK!

RiceKrispy has been banned by 4little.

This was the last time the server MinePlots has been heard of.

After that, never once again has it been mentioned.

Carter McConley disappeared the same day. 

He has never been found.

—Written by prism55—