At the time I didn't know it was him. Not herobrine, not Entity 303, nothing like that. Have you heard of Team Avolition? If you haven't, they were a small griefing team that uploaded to youtube. One day my older brother made a server. Eventually it went public and gained a bit of attention. Soon we got a couple of names I recognized, such as Storm_Surge. As soon as they went away, we gained way more people. One was named YouAreNext, and I asked if they wanted to see my house. He said yes, and as he started looking around, he was talking to me. We started becoming friends, and one day my brother frantically sent me a message saying "Get on the server now!!". As soon as I got on, YouAreNext said "Hi, why are you on here?" When I tp'ed to him, I died in a hole. I got the blue screen of death. When I restarted my computer, I couldn't launch any programs. When I tried to, the screen froze, eventually recovered, and crashed the computer. This happened on any computer I tried to go on the server on. I tried to take down the server, but every time I tried, the router shut down and the electricity turned off for our house. I got weird messages occasionally when I went on. One said "3:00 AM sharp. July 22 " I went on that day. And there they were. Team Avolition. YouAreNext is the leader. they hacked me, when i went to them, my game crashed, like Herobrine. Then i stared attacking Pro mode. That's when it happened. they were there, Herobrine, Entity 303, and Green steve. TO BE COUNTIUED. (please edit to countinue. the i'm not gonna be working on this for a bit.)