I don't know what to call him, or what to name him but for now let's just call him HE. now he's not herobrine he does not act like herobrine but he has the powers of teleporting he does set up totems like herobrine but thats about it. his totems are 4 by 4 magma then in the middle there is signs the signs have glitched text so I can't really type them. I do know that he comes to players and tricks them by placing blocks in front of them or removing 50 by 50 around you. these are the things that I have had happen to me now I have not really seen him but I have seen blocks bug alot when I come close to him. I have seen him once but It was very dark so my thing might be off He had no texture neither did he have a torso so I don't know what to say.

I made a server and built his totem my friend joined when the totem was built everything was fine for about 2 weeks.

He started thinking I was lying but thats when stuff acted weird at about week 3 when my friend left the server because he thought I was lying. thats when stuff started happening again I tried to grab the seed and send it to him but the world had no seed the seed seemed to be erased or so I thought I tried to look at it again but my minecraft crashed. I did though see a seed It was 73635 but it was corrupted numbers this is what the text almost looked like 7̶̻̄3̵͇̊6̵͓͝3̸̭̚5̵̫́ Thats Zalgo text if you did not know I dont know what to say about the figure I might make a new name for him or next time I see him take a photo thank you for reading be on the look out for a no texture person. But Im thinking he's a corrupted/Bugged out figure

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