I am a big fan of Minecraft, and I make mods for a living, I don't release them to public but I edit the data and keep the mod to myself, I'm kinda selfish when it comes to mods, but... something happened, something that changed my life, here's the story: I was making a mod once and I thought it would be funny to add in a creepy easter egg in the coding, I made a jar file named HELPUS.jar, and then... things got out of hand, I ran the mod on Minecraft, and... everything had a darker tone to it, the Music was Low Pitched and I kept hearing whispers of multiple people saying "HELP US" over and over again. I decided to start up a world, when the chunks loaded, my heart absolutely sank into my stomach... everything, was covered with Blood and Organs... I thought nothing of it and built a house, things went a bit normal from here on out, but I didn't get my hopes up, Later when I was mining, I found a sign saying "PLEASE HELP"... and when I turned around, I saw a Blood Red Figure, it had a nametag, it was tagged "48454c505553" which in Hex coding was "HELPUS". I walked towards it and my game crashed along with Minecraft being deleted, but there was a note on the desktop, when I opened it, my heart completely sank, It said "Look in your Grandma's house Tomorrow... =)" and the next day, I drove to my Grandma's house, she was dead, and there was a note by her body, It was a Smiley Face written in her blood with the words "Goodnight..." and before I fainted, the last thing I saw and heard, was that same Red Figure drawing his Finger across his neck and saying "SLEEP WELL..." in a demonic tone, this day stopped me from making mods like this, and I had quit Minecraft completely.

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