Authors Note:

Hey Everyone!!! This is Willzombie and I hope you enjoy it. This is not a story by the way, its just tells you about HViniB, the new yraniB.

The CreepyPasta: HviniB

HVinB is a type of stalker that speaks to you and crashes your game afterwards. If you attack her, she will teleport away and leave your world. A week later she will come back. She will keep coming until she crashes your game. After that, she will never come back. HViniB is a bug in the game, which every 1 in 1,000,000 will recive. You do not see her very often. She has two skins. 75% of the time she has the Alex skin with blue eyes, or she will have a yraniB skin with an Iron Sword.

The First Encounter of HViniB

MINECRAFT4LIFE entered his server.

It was a Superflat desert with a couple of villages.

As he ran pasta a cactus, he spotted a figure. It looked like a Alex.

He jumped onto a cactus and swung his fist towards the figure, but the figure vanished.

A bit later he spotted a figure and a roof. It was a Steve but with a sword. The game started to really lag.




<HViniB> So...

<MINECRAFT4LIFE> i gotta stay away from you

<HViniB> What have you been doing lately?


<MINECRAFT4LIFE> Just walking around...

<HViniB> Nothing, eh?


<HViniB> well.

<HViniB> Bye!



The game crashed, and when he returned onto his world HViniB was gone.