Hacker 303 was a hacker more powerful that entity 303 and null and herobrine and more creepypastas combined he could nuke a whole network or game provider he would use a virus that uses the wifi the machine its on to get the virus on the other machines that it tries to get on a phone to infect everything but once he got rekted and was like a bird trying to say i own the un that he got banned from every server on 50 game providers that it got to 1000 but he got his hacks back that say I OWN MINECRAFT NOW YOU STUAT BIRDS and it was like this


Notch joins the game

Notch: no you dont you hEt

H303 bans notch for: liar liar pants to fly you to the sun

[ Notch Console ] i have Notch Console so die

Notch_Console bans H303 for: NOTCH CONSOLE CORRUPTION

[ Notch Console ] i corrupted him with Notch Console

[ Hacker Console ] you cant corrupt Hacker Console troughRATHDT

Notch Console Corrupting all Z-Consoles

Note: the Z-Consoles are like Hacker Console a console that isnt listed on the A-Consoles list so it will make every non listed console corrupted with a blue screen of death saying Console Corrupted Error x100005

Chapter Two - the First Hacker Civil War 1 April 2017

going to work on this part when its 1 April 2017 so see you later

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