This is a classic!
This story is well-known across the community, and has been used as inspiration for many other authors or users. Plot changes should not be added until information has been released by the author.

The Story

In 2008, a man named Markus Persson with his team at Mojang Specialties decided to code a game known as "CaveGame". It was a sandbox game with not many features except for humans and building with a few blocks. The game was not completely done, and a small company called "Hamilton Coding" contacted Mojang and asked if they needed help to continue with features. Mojang accepted the help, and Jonah Hamilton went to Sweden, where Mojang is based, and started implementing new features. During a drive back to the building Mojang was based in, Jonah and two playtesters, Jake Roald and Ned Sanders, died in a car crash with the prototype disc inside their car. Later, when the disc was uncovered, Markus from Mojang put in the disc with the files on it, and found the .exe file and multiple .txt files, all containing the same string of text: "Doo vkdoo sdb iru wkh ghplvh ri xv... Doo ri wkrvh uhvsrqvleoh vkdoo glh d kruuleoh ghdwk.". This means "All shall pay for the demise of us... All of those responsible shall die a horrible death." in the Caesar Cipher. Markus sent the text to a friend of his.
His name was Isak Dalquist. Isak denied that these were actually messages from the deceased and brushed them off as pranks from Jonah before he died. Isak was later found with his front eye popped out and his organs brutally cut out of his torso, with it cut open and brutally bashed with a hammer. There were two suspects: Gabriel Smith (An employee at Hamilton Coding) and Jaque Ernman (an employee at Mojang). It was also possible it was someone else or it was suicide, but it was not likely that it was suicide. Many believed it was Jonah Hamilton, but the authorities brushed that off. Two officers were found dead hanging from trees in a forest in Stockholm. A man named Henry got the disc somehow, and was found dead with the disc broken in two. Henry, for whatever reason, commit suicide. It is unknown to this day what was on the .exe file on the disc.