Hey, everyone! I wanted to share a freaky experience I had on Minecraft the other day.

I created a new singleplayer world (keep in mind it was singleplayer) in which I planned to make Pixel Art in creative mode, and I started making my first Pixel Art in a long time. I took an image of Pikachu (I'm not a hardcore Pokemon fan, it was just the first thing that came to mind!) and started attempting to make Pixel Art of it. Something appears in the chat, so I take a look at it.

Happiness has joined the game

<Happiness> Hello!

<LukaDudic> Huh? Who are you?

Happiness has left the game

"The fuck happened", I thought. How did a player join my singleplayer world? I look at the menu, and it's clearly singleplayer. No disconnect button and the "Open to LAN" button is clearly grayed out. I continue making my Pixel Art, and I finally finish it. I move on to the next one, but when I finish that one, I realize the one to my left is gone. Pikachu was completely gone. "Maybe something bugged out?", I thought as I opened the world again. Same thing happens, Pikachu is gone. Something appears in the chat again.

Happiness has joined the game

<Happiness> It doesn't seem like you're having that much fun. Just look at your face!

<LukaDudic> You see my face?

<Happiness> Turn that frown upside down!

<LukaDudic> I asked you something. Do you see my face?

Happiness left the game

I really didn't have a smile on my face. It was the usual, emotionless, bored face you get when you stare at the computer for a long time without anything being too funny. "Happiness" also seemed to ignore my messages, so I was assuming it was a mod - or bot. Either that, or something way worse... He did see my face, and he was changing the subject to hide the fact that he does. I think of it as a mod/bot and just continue making my Pixel Art, although it will probably disappear as well. I leave the world, take a break by reading random shit on TVTropes, and come back. The Pixel Art isn't gone, although the Pixel Art has a ginormous, red, bloddy smile on his face. I immediately change it back to what it was earlier, and I notice something yet again, in the chat.

Happiness joined the game

<Happiness> Stop being scared. It's only me!

<Happiness> Just smile, just smile!

<LukaDudic> Who are you?!

<Happiness> It's in my name. I'm happy!

<LukaDudic> What's your real name?

<Happiness> I don't have one =)

<LukaDudic> You're freaking me out. I'm getting more scared reading this than happy.

<Happiness> I can fix that easily.

Happiness left the game

What?! Now it's getting out of hand. Does Happiness see me?! He doesn't have a real name? Who the fuck is Happiness? And what does "I can fix that easily" mean? Well, I continue on making my Pixel Art and of course fixing that god damn smile on my Nyan Cat, until I get a really high-level nausea effect. It even made me dizzy in real life. After that, Happiness, yet again, joins the game!

Happiness joined the game

<LukaDudic> Are you a human?

<Happiness> I'd rather not speak about that.

<Happiness> Stop being scared of me unless you want me to fix it manually.

<Happiness> Let's be happy!

<Happiness> Let's be happy, Jake!

<Happiness> Let's be happy, Jake!

<Happiness> Let's be happy, Jake!

<LukaDudic> Stop!!

<Happiness> I want to be happy!

Happiness left the game

At this point I'm scared to death. Who the fucking shit is Happiness?!

I never knew.

Until I heard sounds at my door. I immediately opened up the Minecraft directories to see what the fuck is going on in my game. There's a file in the world data.


I open up the file like the idiotic risk-taker I am. Nothing happens. I start feeling like I have a virus on my computer. I start sweating... Nothing happens. I look at the Minecraft chat until I realize something... He knows my name. My name is Jake.

The computer shuts down.


Hey this is Jakes younger brother. I was confused of not hearing from Jake anymore in skype because he lived a city from me until I found out he got killed. The police report says that Jake died with a smile carved out on his face, one eye dangling off.

If you ever see Happiness on a singleplayer world, make sure to have a smile on your face unless you want to turn out like Jake.