Hastolat is a Herobrine-like counterpart version of the new skin model, Alex...


Hastolat has many similarities with Herobrine, such as having white eyes.

What 'It' Does

Hastolat can build stone trees, sand pyramids, and random cobwebs in caves. It is also known to crash single-player games, or worse, can permanently crash the game, and it will not work again...


Hastolat was first seen somewhat around October 17th, 2014. An anonymous user on 4chan, claimed that he/she saw her. At first, he/she thought it was Herobrine, but turned out to be a girl, similar to Alex.

The original 4chan link for the original post does not work anymore. However, for historical purposes, here is the original link:

Here is an archived snapshot of the original 4chan link as well: