HawkFacts seems like a normal name,right? At least i thought it was.....

May 1st

It was a Normal Day,i went on Minecraft and joined my Private World,I just Finished a Castle Tower But then my Whole screen Crashed,It would not let me Exit Minecraft or Turn off my Computer. I was scared now,Then all of a sudden i saw a Figure,only 5 blocks from me staring at me like a Creepy Stalker. Now here is the conversation i had with the User.

<Me> Uh,this is my private world are you a hacker or somethin??

<HawkFacts> You don't know yet,do you?

<Me> Know wat?

<HawkFacts> 1000000667788./lik./9494994949error

<Me> Uh what the.....

<HawkFacts> I am not just a Normal user....I am You.

<Me> WaaaaT??? UR not me!!! I am me!!! What the hell is wrong with you??????

<HawkFacts> Nothing is wrong with me. Now bring me the user Entity 303!!!

<Me> How? And wat?

<HawkFacts> I can only tell you,Give me you're Email.

<Me> What wait fiiine. -Puts email-

<HawkFacts> Fool!!! Hhahhaaah!!!

Thats all i could remember on the world,after that he deleted my email and i looked the user up on NameMc,his old names were MysticPug123 and Troll_Yo I then looked up and found some info on the user.

MysticPug123 Got banned from Minecraft

Troll_Yo Hacked Minecraft and deleted random minecraft accounts.

HawkFacts Is unknown what he does,but this user...if you EVER see HawkFacts.....Exit Minecraft.

He also sent me random numbers to my email.


Then..he changed my name to TrollYo and now i cannot change it...Be careful on your private world....he might be watching...