This is even more fake then the last one! Please enjoyyyyy!

I was hanging out with my friends Lillie123 and HerobrineTheEpic, we were hanging out when we decided to do a little race, first one to get a stack of iron wins. Lillie and Herobrine got a half stack in a single minute! They tied so I gave them both a stack of diamonds. Then Herobrine started talking about how everybody in his family hates him, Lillie said "AFK" and went to his house [she texed me so] to comfort Herobrine. After a hour she came back, Herobrine asked Me for a few obsidian blocks, he needed some wither skulls to defeat the wither, when he came to me his skin was crying. Like one of those animated hats on hypixel but more realistic. He asked what's wrong and I said "nothing.. Why'd you ask?" He said my character was SCREAMING! I looked at my skin and sure enough she was, I just decided it was a glitch. The next day Herobrine didn't come. I hope he comes back

Le end.....?

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