I was playing Minecraft pe on a new server. Before I played Minecraft, l read on the Minecraft forums that Herobrine had been deleted. I continued playing on the server, building a house to survive the night. Suddenly, I was teleported to a plains area. A pile of cobblestone with a sign and a torching top.

I went up and read the sign

"They have tried to delete me, but I am back, stronger than ever"


I told the admin about it, but he didn't believe it.I went back to my house, but it was gone, only a crater was where it once stood. Since I don't believe in Herobrine, Iblamed other players.

But then people began to disappear, never to be seen again.Soon me, the admin, and 3other players were left 

We were in a bedrock fortress, since all other buildings had been destroyed. no other attacks were seen, and so 2players logged off.

"I see something," said the admin.

I looked out. A figure was barely visible in the distance.

Suddenly, an army of mobs appeared.

The End

this is the first part of a series. Stay tuned for part 2, Herobrine s