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Hi. My name is Kyle, it has been a long time since i encountered him,who am i referring to?, Herobrine. i thought nothing more would happen after my previous experience.however,it was the mere beginning,me and my two friends Jeremy and minster like to play on several Minecraft servers such as Hypixel for example,we love vanilla Minecraft servers but we also like to play with mods.why does minster have the name he has currently?,it is because his father is a retired miner.anyway let me begin telling the tale,this happened while i was playing the 1.10 update on a multiplayer vanilla server,me and my two friends were getting wood using axes and then all of a sudden the server crashed,we all rejoined but instead of spawning where we were we spawned in a underground tunnel filled with nothing but torches,we walked down it and after 20 seconds zombies spawned in,we killed them using our stone swords, suddenly more zombies spawned,tons and tons spawned,we kept on killing them until our swords broke,"let's make a run for it!" I screamed through my microphone,we ran through the crowd of zombies and they started chasing us,we ran up some stairs and back to the surface and found a chest full of TNT and had a flint and steel in it,we placed down some TNT and lit it and then ran as the TNT killed the zombies.

we stopped running when we ran into a desert biome,we suddenly heard a voice saying "hello,it is nice to see you again" and turned around,we then saw him (aka herobrine).he then said "it has been a long time,what if we have some fun?","let's get out of here!" i screamed,we then ran from him and herobrine said "fools you can't outrun me".we then continued running for a straight 5 minutes until we came to an area which was a huge city built by players in a plains biome,it looked like a city which was a mixture of suburban areas and metropolitan areas,you would see 2 houses between 2 tall buildings for example,that is when terror began.suddenly the server crashed again and we all rejoined,when we did the area was surrounded with stuff,there was a bunch of giants and cranes,herobrine appeared and said "i hope you enjoy my new mod called SERVER DESTRUCTION!",a giant started approaching us and we made a run for our lives,as we ran the giant was crushing small scale builds like cars (the server has tons of mods installed),after a couple of minutes running the giant picked up a house made of iron blocks and threw it,"aaahhhh!" Screamed the players in the house,the house flew toward a replica of the statue of liberty destroying it,"look out!" Screamed a male player,everyone there immediately took cover as blocks from the statue replica flew all over the place.

the 3 of us are still running from the giant,suddenly a tank arrives and fired at the giant killing it,"hooray!" We all screamed,herobrine summoned lightning which struck the tank which caused an explosion which included fire,this caused a home made out of wood to start burning down,"fire!,fire!" Screamed the player living inside the home,i came up to the home with a water bucket and putted out the fire,the player inside it got out and said to me "thank you for saving me from burning to ashes","you're welcome" i said to him,the player then left the scene of the incident.suddenly herobrine changed the time of day to night and summoned tons of mutant mobs along with withers and enderdragons,he also summoned the orespawn king and queen."how about i introduce you to some of my freinds?" Said herobrine,he then summoned entity 303,null,theredsteve,green steve,yranib and shadow of unknown.herobrine then installed the john mod,weeping angels mod and creepypasta mod.

herobrine used his telekinesis and started creating monsters,he used iron blocks,blocks of coal and fences to create horrendous eyeball monsters.he then used redstone stuff to create redstone monsters that started shooting electric beams at people.he then picked up slimes and squeezed them together to make horrendous looking slime glob monsters.he then used armor stands,steve heads,armor,swords along with bows and arrows to create an army of living armorstand minions.he then summoned evil robots that could shoot lasers out their eyes along with possessed mobs (pigs,chickens,cows,etc).he then went around zapping scarecrows,cactuses,flowers and other plants which made them come to life.we took a look around and it wasn't looking good.mobs and monsters were running around destroying stuff and putting people dangerous situations.a mutant zombie approached us but was then hit by an arrow,we looked at who fired was antvenom,antvenom ran up to the mutant zombie and fought him with a diamond sword and succesfully manages to kill it."follow me to my home,it's dangerous out here" said antvenom.we ran following after him,tnt and arrows flew in the air above us.we all dropped to the ground and then ran as fast as we could to antvenom's house which was made almost completely out of iron blocks.once we were inside we started catching our breaths and calmed down any panic we were feeling.after we calmed down antvenom said "phew we are now safe,you can all stay at my place for now"."is there anyone else staying here?" I asked."yes there are,they just entered the room" antvenom said.

we looked and saw that Skydoesminecraft,Dantdm,explodingtnt,thealanticcraft,thebajancanadian,minecraftuniverse,caveman-films,stampylonghead along with popularmmos and gamingwithjen were in the room with us."What are you all doing here?" I asked,"to stay safe" said explodingtnt."it is complete maddness out there kyle,it is the most craziest thing i ever witnessed!" Screamed joe."it was terrible out there,i nearly got eaten by a ender dragon!" Screamed cody.suddenly we heard someone knock on the door,"should we open the door?" I asked."no way,it could be herobrine or one of his minions" said antvenom."it can also be people who need our help" said Dantdm."alright let's open the door,but who is doing it?" Said antvenom."kyle should" said popularmmos."no way am i doing it,stampy should!" I shouted.stampylonghead said "i am not doing it,Skydoesminecraft should!"."nope,i'm not doing it!" Screamed Skydoesminecraft."antvenom should" he then said.antvenom said "fine,i will do it",I took out my stone sword and antvenom opened the door.suddenly Captainsparklez,jerome asf,lewis and simon,tiny turtle and little kelly ran in.i lowered my sword down and said "why are you all here?"."because it is extremely dangerous in the city currently,herobrine and his forces are causing total chaos!" Said Captainsparkelz."ok you can all temporary stay in my place with us" said antvenom.i closed the door and antvenom gave everyone 20 steaks. We then proceeded to fill up our hunger bars,after that we all looked out the windows.things were absolutely horrible,herobrine's forces were everywhere and everybody was running around panicking and screaming.

"Those poor people,i wish there was something we could do" said gamingwithjen.Stampylonghead then said "if this continues then he will take over the server,and from there possibly take over some more or even possibly...",suddenly he was silent."possibly what?" I asked,"take over all of minecraft!!" he shouted.we all gasped in horror and dantdm said "there must be something that can stop herobrine and his forces, there must!".suddenly it hitted me,i now knew what needed to happen."I know what can stop him!" I shouted,"what is it?" everybody else asked."it's us" I said,"what do you mean?" they asked."I'm saying that we should all work together and fight herobrine and his forces,we will all get all the players on this server to join in this battle,once all the players are united and fighting then we can stop herobrine and save the server and all of minecraft!" I said."are you crazy?!,we don't stand a chance,herobrine is an almighty powerful being!" said caveman-films."that's why we must get every player on this server to work together with everybody" I said."I guess that it can work" said Joe."alright,now let's get moving,we have a powerful being to stop!" I said.We then all ran out of the house.