A pure source of dirt and grass all over the world, spreaded like it was a pattern of dances. I spawned in the middle of it. The grass beneath my feet were crushed as I wander aimlessly. I saw a tree right in the distance, I walked towards it as grass and dirt beneath me became disturbed. A rapid amount of punches were needed to gather a trunk of it, so I did what I must. Gathering the wood became satisfying to me, so I gathered more until the tree became empty, decaying and rotting away.

The sun is fresh and the sunlight is overwhelming. The sky fixed overhead as clouds started to pass. What is that hole in the distance? A hole that looked very natural. It was a cave. I was afraid to take a step inside as eerie noises came out of it. I pondered, "How can something look so natural be so scary?". I started to craft the wood I gathered into planks as I also craft it into sticks and a crafting table. The sticks were smooth and a bit sharp, I should say.

With determination, I crafted a wooden pickaxe by placing the ingredients on the crafting grid. I crafted a sword, which looked slick and sharp! I went inside the cave with no worries. Coal ores appear near the entrance of the cave, they looked as if they were about to burn. I crept towards it and I mined it with my pickaxe. A fresh, solid, and heavy coal appeared from where it was. I gathered as many as I can and continued down mining.

A while later, I was done mining. There were no diamonds, only the heat of magma fills the cave. I went outside and took a deep breath to replace the dangerous mercury. The sun is now overhead and the heat of the sunlight is unbearable! I felt as if I am inside a furnace, cooked inside with lava as the fuel. I built a shelter, not too good and not too bad, and I felt a sigh of relief from myself.

As I was placing the windows, I saw someone staring at me in the distance. I gasped in excitement when I found out that I was not alone all along. I went outside quickly and ran towards the person as the atmosphere feels cold. A shiver went down from my spine and my mind keeps telling me to turn back and continue building my home. I ignored this and continued running towards the person. I tripped and my face suddenly smashed to the ground. I stood up and saw this person fade into the fog.

I had this feeling that we will meet again soon. I wandered back to the shelter I have made. The wind started blowing and I hear crisps of fire nearby. It was not that far, however, and I walked near it. The fire was spread throughout the forest and my shelter burns down to the ground. My heart felt sunken, as if someone had forced a person to drown in the water. My heart felt vengeance, anger, and sadness.

I still continue wondering who it might be. A person... a person who stared at me. He stared at me when I slept. He appeared right in front of me. I thought I was in a nightmare... but it was actually the reality.

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