Hello, my name is DRAGON RED TDM. So today I'm gonna talk about this encounter with Herobrine. I hope you enjoy.

Sighting 1

I was playing Minecraft PE 0.12.1 with my cousin. We logged on and we looked around the world. We thought it was peaceful, but we were mistaken. When nighttime struck, A tree close to our house caught fire. I thought it was my cousin, but he said he didn't do it.

Sighting 2

After we slept, we decided to go into a cave. When we were in the cave, I saw a shadow. I tried to pursue it, but the shadow disappeared. I thought it was my cousin, so we decided to call it a day and go back to the house. When we arrived, the house exploded. It caught me off guard and I was shocked. Me and my cousin ran.

Sighting 3

We were running away from our burning house. In the light of day, we finally found a village. But it seemed a little bit weird. The farm's water is replaced with lava. I went to a blacksmith to get some stuff. When i looked at a window I found him so I hid. When he was gone, my cousin said he found a 2x2 tunnel. We decided to check it out. When me and my cousin got to that tunnel, it seemed it was nothing too serious. We went back outside but..


We fell in a lava trap. As we burned, Herobrine looked down at us. We were scared.

Final Encounter

So when he disappeared, we thanked God because we didn't die because of lava. I had enough stone to make a bridge. My cousin said he wanted to quit but i told him not to quit cause I was scared. and my cousin's phone just crashed. I saw herobrine so it was my turn to strike. When I turned back...

oh shit....

Herobrine's behind me.....


So that's it. Guys... Please believe me. I am so scared. However, there is one question remaining to me;

Can I go back to the world.........?