Shadow of Unknown is one of most popular creepypastas on this Wikia. I decided to write a history about it.

Shadow of Unknown

This idea for this creepypasta came several days after i joined this Wikia.I wrote it in rush because i didn't have enough free time.Only after a few days it became somewhat popular.After this i decided to write a sequel.

Shadow of Unknown 2:His Kingdom

After Shadow of Unknown got popular i decided to write a sequel which is much less famous than the first one.

Shadow of Unknown 3:Trembling Worlds

This part was being written a long time because it was time i was hardly active on this Wikia.It took several months.

Shadow of Unknown 4:After Minecraft

The latest part of the series.It was inspired by the current problems in the world and some other things.

Shadow of Unknown 5:Headless Horde


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