I used to be a fan of Minecraft, I played it since the first update! But, suddenly things went... flat. I don't know, the game turned more into Minecraftenchantbattlebuildadventure then Minecraft. But, one day, while my friend was gone, my friend's brother wanted me to play with him. They had two computers, but I wasn't sure. I eventually pushed myself to give it a try, as he said there was a "Super-Cool update" recently. I logged on with my old account, and went to 'Multiplayer'. I saw his server immediately and chose it. I started in a plains biome, with a nooby house up ahead. And, sure enough, I saw his username, (I'm going to keep it classified,) hovering over a Steve. I asked, "What's with the noob house?", him replying, "It's not nooby! This took me forever to make!" I gave a slight chuckle, seeing the dirt mess in front of me. He soon suggested, "Let's go mining! Take this pick!", throwing me a wooden pickaxe. Wooden? He wasn't that nooby, was he? We mined for a while, with him continuing to insist, "It's a Diamond Pick! DIAMOND!" While I just sat, confused. He eventually suggested, "Hey, let me show you the new stuff!" and he brought me to his house. Inside was... unexpected. There were paintings lining the walls, all of weird stuff. Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, and a bunch of moving ones with jumpscares. I asked him, "Do you actually like this stuff?" "What's wrong?" He asked, starting to get angry. He decided that we should play hide and seek, and we did. I found him in the mine after a few minutes. "FOUND YOU!" I said, laughing with excitement. "No..." He said, and then... suddenly my screen filled up with a Jeff the Killer jumpscare. "SHIT!" I screamed out loud, clearly scaring him. He asked what was wrong, and I said, "What is with all of these jumpscares?", He came over to inform me, "That isn't part of the update. In fact, that isn't me..." He said, pointing to the Steve.

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