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I was in a Minecraft Server. Usually I spawn in the hub spawn area, but instead, I spawned in the nether, next to a noob. His skin was a derp skin, but with emerald armor. I told him to actually get some real armor on and send me back to the hub, but instead he just looked at me. I slowly backed away. He just stared at me. A black blur formed over his eyes. He started summoning lightning bolts at me and I had to make a run for it. Suddenly I died, and I could never get back on the server. The Server link just disappeared, and I tried to find the IP, but it was like the internet forgot the server. I found one website that had it, but it downloaded a virus and my screen turned into a blue screen of death. However, it didn't talk about a virus, it said:

"7125415122114181525182019 Your computer has been eaten 7125415122114181525182019"

My computer went black.

25 days later, my computer turned on at midnight. I heard a voice say "7125". Shaking, I went to my computer and on it was a picture of the same noob talking. In an evil voice it said "Does my existence bother you?" For some reason, I felt like I could respond. "Uhhhh, no?" I lied. The noob said "Come closer." So I did. What harm could it do in a computer? "I can see you are shaking." It can see me? Is this some spy program by the Illuminati? Then, instead of the evil voice the noob normaly talked in, it said in a calm, soothing voice "Remember I will always be here if you need me. Rembember this name: Illustratum. Call that name if you need help such as, your computer goes into a blue screen or downloads a virus. Call my name and I will terminate the virus, and fix the computer."

Here is the creepy part:

Illuminati is the plural of Illuminatus. Illuminatus meaning "enlightened" however, if you put enlightened in a google translator for Latin (The language that has the word Illuminatus) it will come out "Illustratum"

I did that a week after, and I remembered the name of the noob on the server. I called

"Illustratum, what does this mean?"

"That is the one thing I can't tell you."

He was gone. Is this noob a spy for the illuminati?