I created a new world in survival. I had to get to my main goal which is slaying the ender dragon just like other survival playthroughs. I saw something in nighttime. I saw something......



It said "Infinite joined the game" in the chat. I was thinking "Who is infinite?" I typed in the chat "Who are u????" He didn't respond. After 5 minutes. He finally responded. He said "I am infinite" I couldn't see him anywhere in my world. But he showed himself up. He had a Steve skin..... With no head and blood everywhere. He was holding a Steve head. He said "This is my head." while he is holding the Steve head. I was freaked out. Then it was morning. He is still in the server. Later. He crashed my game. I opened up Minecraft again and the logo was distorted and messed up. Even the menu is messed up. It was blood everywhere and there was an infinite symbol at the sides of the screen. The infinite symbols were written in blood. I was scared. I joined the same world that i created. And infinite was still there. The world was all distorted and the colors were bright white and full black. He said "Having fun?" I didn't reply as i were scared and frightened. I left the world and deleted it for good. I refreshed my desktop and i opened up minecraft and then it was all back to normal. I checked the menu screen to see if its back to normal too and it is. But a message beside the logo says in red text "You will regret doing that...." I ignored it and i created a new world. I spawned in a bedrock place that is a hallway with no windows. I walked through it and i saw a sign saying "INFINITY" I walked and walked for hours. Then i realize. It was an infinite hallway. I left the world and created a new one (Again) and i didn't spawn in an infinite hallway this time. I created lots of things in my world (Such as houses, cities, cars, computers etc.) and that was the end of infinite. I worried that he is going to be back. Soon......


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