Hey Guys!!! This is Willzombie and this is the story of my encounter with the dangerous 'Jim'. Enjoy!!!

Chapter 1 - Where is Peter?

It was a sunny Easter morning. I had just consumed vast quantities of chocolate, when I decided to check out my latest world on Minecraft: Creepland. In the world it was also sunny and bright and I decided to search in the mines for some Ores. While I was down there, my friend Peter asked if he could join me on my world. Certainement! I replied. It had been days since I last saw him (when I was still trying to crack the mystery of Daylight Stealer), and had been wondering what had happened to him.

Peter didn't want to come in the mine, so I joined him outside, where night had begun to fall. I could see that, over the mountains, a thunderstorm was brewing. Peter suggested we go back to my house, which was nearby, for some cake, and to sit out the storm. I was super happy for him to come back with me, so we headed home. It was weird though, because, on the way, I completely lost track of Peter, as though he had fallen out of the world entirely. I checked if he was still in my world, but he was nowhere to be seen. I arrived back at my house, still wondering where he was, when I heard a crackling noise. I checked out the back of the building and it was on fire! I looked on the server, but still I was the only player. There was no way of putting out the fire, so I went to the nearest cave and waited...

Chapter 2 - Peter's Return

Not long after, Simply The Best returned to my world.

Me: Hey man, what happened?

Peter: I don't know. I think my game crashed. I was walking after you, then pffft, nothing. I was completely booted off.

Me: That's weird. Did you see anything before it happened?

Peter: I remember looking at some stone blocks as we were walking past. Out of the corner of my eye, one seemed to move, but it was so fast, I wasn't sure if I'd actually seen it or imagined it. Then, the screen went blank.

Me: A moving block?

Peter: Yeh. Hey, why aren't we in your house?

Me: It's on fire...

Peter: What? How did that happen?

Me: I don't know... I'm wondering if this world has been hacked.

Peter: We could be.

Me: I've got an idea, we can split up and see if we can find anything else.

Peter: Alright then, you go this way and I'll go that way.

Me: Okey then.

I felt nervous. Last time we split up, Daylight Stealer came and this guy seemed worse than him.

Chapter 3 - The Second Attack

As I left Peter, I wondered what set are house on fire. It was like it appeared out of nowhere.

We chatted to each other to each other as the time passed.

Me: Hey, I've just found a Stronghold, quite a big one have you found anything

Peter: Not really its probably going to be a dead e-

'Simply The Best has left the game' appeared at the bottom of the screen.

I freaked out and ran into the Stronghold to hide. I found a enclosed room so I ran in there. There was no door, so I grabbed a Dark Oak door and put it down to defend myself.

I walked to the end of the room and jumped back. There was a sign. I was shocked. The sign read:

'Jim is here'


I suddenly heard a horrible noise. It sounded like a Glitch. It was coming from the door. I felt brave and decided to open it.


My game crashed!

End Warning:

Jim exists. I will see if I can find any more stuff about him but for now, be careful.