Welcome to my virtual "workroom", where I work on some creepypastas, stories, and junk like that. I'll keep all the stuff here organized and convenient as it is.


Work in Progress

Wooden Branch

The End Portal

Dead or Alive


Wooden Branch- an avid 14-year-old Minecraft player Dominic Stillburgh gathered all his friends in a hideout in a local park to play Minecraft Pocket Edition with him. They all took their time until dusk arrived, which caused one of Dominic's friends to be concerned because of how large the park is and how gloomy it is. As they began to get closer to the exit of the park they began to experience paranormal activity in the park, forcing them to stay and rest there for the night.

The End Portal- there was once a player who colonized the End and used its resources to strengthen his colony. However, other players rebelled against this tyrant-like rule and put an end to the player. The soul of the owner of the colonies did not rest in the afterlife, and ravaged those he comes across.

Dead or Alive- TBA


(NOTE: Some of the scrapped creepypastas can still be created by me)

Hungarian Suicide Game

The Hexagonal Roulette



Hungarian Suicide Game- Floyd Dunkenhoff, a mature-minded 11-year-old Minecraft player, has been searching around servers when he came across a server called "The Suicide Game". Floyd became interested and decided to enter the server. Unbeknownst to his interest in the server, the rules of the server is to kill a player and the victim shall commit suicide and send it to the owner of the server.

The Hexagonal Roulette- expert redstone user Gabriel Sundown created an automated gambling redstone system, which he likes to call "The Hexagonal Roulette". Days after, Gabriel passed away during his solo gameplay of the Hexagonal Roulette. His friend, named Justine Earthflow, sent a world copy of Gabriel's invention and tested it

Despair- You shall not gain the knowledge to know the secrets of despair... you must heed His calls... do not disobey... obey your master... shall doom arrive at an instant...

Created/Work in Progress

Fallen Files

Suicide: File 001

The Block: Devils and Horror

Nightmare: Disc 11


Herobrine (Part 1): Doomsday

Herobrine (Part 2): Judgement Day



Bloodline: Murderer's Assault