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King Hacker.

King hacker is a creepypasta. The legend says that he is a brother of Entity 303. He was a former Mojang developer, but one day notch decided to kick King Hacker from Mojang. King Hacker then decided to hack player's minecraft servers and their singleplayer worlds.He is one of the most powerful minecraft creepypasta that has ever existed in minecraft,King hacker is also the Minecraft Russian Creepypasta that was ever heard in Minecraft. He was created by RussianGamer14 in November 4,2016. ,he is more evil than any creepypasta in Minecraft. The truth behind king hacker is He has no father or mother or family

Signs that he is in Your World

You can spot that he is in your world by signs, or that someone is texting with you in the chat, or the game. On the signs, it says something like "king hacker is here", etc. This is very similar to other creepypastas that is going around at the moment.He can have access to servers, also the first sighting of King hacker was somewhere in December 2016 once that happened he started to kill players in that server and he forces them

to believe in him. Also when your game crashed there is a sign says KING HACKER in the source code.

He put upside town crosses with the sign says King hacker once you screenshot that you will realize that

the sign is blurry He can shape shift in to any form which is why is very rare to find. He has another

ablilty which is called Lightning of doom he used that to kill players with op kits very fast

How to Destroy Him

Unfortunately, there is no known way to fend him off, so if he is coming to your world, you are screwed. I hope you can escape him in some way.Hes unkillable