-This is a work of fiction. This is not real I never did contact Mojang. Linkin23 is not real.-

I was building in the private world I created specifically to build what I wanted, and I would somtimes invite my friends.

But this time I was with them, and another player joined us. He never said anything, but he did something rather strange.


Everyone had voice chat and we where talking to eachother yet this guy never said anything, but only one thing,

"You are intruders in my world. Get out."

And after that specific line, he didn't say anything. No matter how much we screamed into the minc at this guy about who the creaor of the server was, he never said anything, thus showing he didn't give 2-3 flying ducks. Yes, ducks.

All of a sudden a second later, we where at the home menu screen. my friends where asking if I had kicked them out, but I said that I didn't because I was at the home screen as well.

This player, or Linkin, had somehow removed us from a server I created, which makes no sense, what so ever.

I went to my world to try joining again so I could reason with him, but the tab for the world was gone. It was like he had somehow stolen the world.

A hacker? Maybe just a hacker.

I wasn't going to let some anti-social hacker ruin my day. I told my friends I would make a new world because the old one dissapeared for some reason.

I told them that Linkin23 had somehow stolen my world. But one of them freaked out and said,

"That guy was Linkin23?"

I replied with a simple, "Yeah".

"Aww man we are so screwed."

"Its just some freaking hacker man, calm the f*** down."

"That is not just some hacker. He is an entity that exists within the game and its extremly rare to ever encounter him. Now that you have encountered him, he will try to take over any game you make."

"Now you sound like a crazy person."

"You need to believe me. Just try to make another game. Jus-Just try."


I did as he said, and they joined. That Linkin23 guy showed up again. I was all "Bro WTF" with him. He only said one line, and it was the same as before.

In just a while, we all ended up in the main menu page for some reason.

" might be right about that Linkin23 guy..Should we, like, report him to Mojang or something?"

"That last time someone did that they really couldn't play minecraft."

"How about joining a friends game?"

"That game is taken over as well. But the games the targets join are taken."

"That basically means I need to tell Mojang."

"Oh my god you don't listen."

"Thats what puts my badassery over the top."

I sent an email to Mojang, telling them about this "Linkin23" jerkface who stole 2 of my worlds, and they looked into it.

Only a few minutes later did I recieve an email, Supposedly from Linkin, promising to make sure I never play minecraft again since I reported him to Mojang.

Just a few days later, earlier actualy, did I recieve a message from Mojang saying that they have gotten rid of the entity known as Linkin23.

Whoever this guy is,

I want my world back.