This is not Lick, this is about Liss soul of despair and destruction. I was playing on Minecraft in 1.11.

I was mining, hoping for redstone to build a redstone circuit. I got to bedrock and I saw something weird, like a chunk error. Lightning sparked revealing a tunnel to my right. I thought it was a misgenerared cave. I peeked inside and freaked out. There was a ghostly Herobrine, he said in the game chat.

"Mojang messed it up, now they are trying to cover it up, keep their secret. But Liss is too strong, the entity of death and despair, evil and hacks. He frames others that are not of wrongdoing. Look out for him, look out for the entity as red as blood, as black as night.

Then a lightning appeared and he disappeared, then in the game chat. "(Liss) You will not escape, you will die in agony, you will not tell!" I logged out of world and deleted the world. But the game splash text read "(Liss) You haven't defeated me!" (written in red) and the game crashed. I still am freaked out by the experience.

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