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This is a (maybe) inaccurate list of all wars on this wiki. The main problem here is that there may have been more in the past, but I wasn't here to see them and they probably weren't documented. This is a list of all recorded wars on this wiki I can dig up.


The First Trollpasta War


The first trollpasta war was probably the first war ever to take place on this Wiki. It took place a few years after the wiki's creation in c.mid-2011. It all started when a (currently inactive) user called Adscomics created a page on this wiki: The Nipple Monster.

This was, allegedly, the first trollpasta on the wiki. If your unfamiliar with the term, a 'trollpasta' is a low-faith, (sometimes) cringy and pointless page hat takes nearly no effort to make.

From then on out, trollpastas spread like wildfire.

A user called Themaster401 started to take action against the new viral trend. He started marking trollpastas and spam pages for deletion. Several users joined him, such as Ittybittybummer. They were unofficially referred to as the anti-trollpasta/spam page gang.

However, themaster401's actions received a lot of backlash from the trollpasta creators who had actually spent time on their pages, accusing him of vandalism. He claimed that he was just marking the pages for LifeUpStudios. However, when questioned, he supposedly claimed that he supported the trollpasta movement. Within two days, 30 new trollpastas were published.

For the anti-trollpasta movement, this meant war.

The war itself

Two sides emerged: The anti-trollpasta side, led by Themaster401 and Ittybittybummer, and the pro-trollpasta side, led by the trollpasta authors and endorsed by LifeUpStudios. They fought for a long time, with many people being blocked. Several pages were vandalised. Themaster401 left the wiki during this war.

By the end of this war, in mid-2013, the wiki was in chaos. Themaster401 was gone. Itty had been blocked by LifeUpStudios. LifeUpStudios himself had gone inactive.


The result? The war was won by the pro-trollpasta side. Although this put the trollpasta category on top until 2016, this was more of a Pyrrhic victory, as the wiki plunged into chaos. Without any form of administration, anarchy ruled the wiki. Gradually, creepypasta believers stumbled upon this wiki, especially pages such as Null, Herobrine and Entity 303 (the hotspot of the insurgent activity) and unknowingly claimed it as their own. This paved the way for the 'War of Truth'.

The Creepypasta War "War of Truth"

As of the 2nd of June 2017, there are 85 pages of comments on the Entity 303 page (over 5000 in total).

Buildup towards the war

On the 21st of May, 2015, long after the creepypasta believers had overrun the wiki, which was still defunct after 2 years, an anonymous user known as Fireyset said on the 303 page: I'll be starting a team to go against 303. Look for me on PE servers. I'm usually on or I won't be on after 9pm. My name is FierySet541149. If you find me, say #no303. If you are on 303 and you join, we will get you banned from as many servers as possible. WE CAN DO ANYTHING!! An hour later, another anonymous user, called pgslve (who shared the same IP as Fireyset for some reason) joined. We will come back to these two.

At the same time, there was a user called Skeleton, who was well-known for debunking creepypasta believers. Skeleton and the 'Dynamic Duo' (pgslve and Fireyset) frequently butted heads. They would talk about their team, and Skeleton would debunk 303. Skeleton even gave the inactive Fireyset a name: Fartyset. pgslve was pissed about that, but he/she was not able enough to 1v1 him.

It begins...

This soon escalated into a small war. On one side was Skeleton and the 303 sceptics, and on the other was the anti-303 team. The battles were fought in the comments section of the 303 page, which may be why the page has so many comments. When it was resolved, nobody really won. It was more like a draw.


The mini war ended in some kind of draw. pgslve and Fireyset disappeared from the wiki at the end of May, and Skeleton was blocked by LifeUpStudios in early June, who actually came on to do something, but went back into hiatus. Some time later, the current owner, SCP-Deadlock, first appeared on the wiki. This insignificant war, although officially over, is technically still going on, much like the Korean War. Unlike the Korean War, battles were still being fought, and are still being fought now. However, the battles were being fought in every page. No page was safe, and nobody had been able to 'administrate' the wiki.

The Fraud War (“Wiki War 3”)

ThatGuyEntity ===

On December 14, 2016, a relatively new user joined the wiki. This user was known as  ThatGuyEntity. ThatGuyEntity posted a request for moderator privileges on SCP-Deadlock’s message wall. This was, of course, rejected as ThatGuyEntity had made barely any edits to the wiki.

He then decided to join arguments that were over, didn’t concern him or of that he didn’t understand. He was then banned for a short time for budding into arguments and telling people how to solve them incorrectly.  

He didn’t take it very easily, though.

The Fraud Wiki

A couple days later, a fraud wiki was discovered. At first, he created the wiki to “help the wiki out in case it dies.” This sparked outrage. Many users were attempting to reason with him, calmly telling him that we did not need the wiki, and it should be rightfully deleted. He then stated that he won’t delete the wiki as “users were picking on a user for trying to help.” He then went on with cringy insults and even war threats.

This guy was obviously some sort of child. We weren’t going to be pushed around by someone who uses force to get his way. This meant war.

The War

The war was possibly one of the most furious wars on the wiki. As ThatGuyEntity gained more and more allies, many users were starting to vandalize the home page, telling people that this was a fraud wiki. There were lots of blocks, and many users fought hard.


As the war was growing too far, The Fandom Staff was notified, and the fraud wiki was closed down. Things died down from there. ThatGuyEntity came back as “ThisIsNotYetOver”, but quickly exposed and blocked.

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