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Author's Note

This is a (maybe) inaccurate list of all wars on this wiki. The main problem here is that there may have been more in the past, but I wasn't here to see them and they probably weren't documented. This is a list of all recorded wars on this wiki I can dig up.


The First Trollpasta War


The first trollpasta war was probably the first war ever to take place on this Wiki. It took place a few years after the wiki's creation in c.mid-2011. It all started when a (currently inactive) user called Adscomics created a page on this wiki: The Nipple Monster.

This was, allegedly, the first trollpasta on the wiki. If your unfamiliar with the term, a 'trollpasta' is a low-faith, (sometimes) cringy and pointless page that takes nearly no effort to make.

From then on out, trollpastas spread like wildfire.

A user called Themaster401 started to take action against the new viral trend. He started marking trollpastas and spam pages for deletion. Several users joined him, such as Ittybittybummer. They were unofficially referred to as the anti-trollpasta/spam page gang.

However, themaster401's actions received a lot of backlash from the trollpasta creators who had actually spent time on their pages, accusing him of vandalism. He claimed that he was just marking the pages for LifeUpStudios. However, when questioned, he supposedly claimed that he supported the trollpasta movement. Within two days, 30 new trollpastas were published.

For the anti-trollpasta movement, this meant war.

The war itself

Two sides emerged: The anti-trollpasta side, led by Themaster401 and Ittybittybummer, and the pro-trollpasta side, led by the trollpasta authors and endorsed by LifeUpStudios. They fought for a long time, with many people being blocked. Several pages were vandalised. Themaster401 left the wiki during this war.

By the end of this war, in mid-2013, the wiki was in chaos. Themaster401 was gone. Itty had been blocked by LifeUpStudios. LifeUpStudios himself had gone inactive.


The result? The war was won by the pro-trollpasta side. Although this put the trollpasta category on top until 2016, this was more of a Pyrrhic victory, as the wiki plunged into chaos. Without any form of administration, anarchy ruled the wiki. Gradually, creepypasta believers stumbled upon this wiki, especially pages such as Null, Herobrine and Entity 303 (the hotspot of the insurgent activity) and unknowingly claimed it as their own. This paved the way for the 'War of Truth'.

The Creepypasta War "War of Truth"

As of the 2nd of June 2017, there are 85 pages of comments on the Entity 303 page (over 5000 in total).

Buildup towards the war

On the 21st of May, 2015, long after the creepypasta believers had overrun the wiki, which was still defunct after 2 years, an anonymous user known as Fireyset said on the 303 page: I'll be starting a team to go against 303. Look for me on PE servers. I'm usually on or I won't be on after 9pm. My name is FierySet541149. If you find me, say #no303. If you are on 303 and you join, we will get you banned from as many servers as possible. WE CAN DO ANYTHING!! An hour later, another anonymous user, called pgslve (who shared the same IP as Fireyset for some reason) joined. We will come back to these two.

At the same time, there was a user called Skeleton, who was well-known for debunking creepypasta believers. Skeleton and the 'Dynamic Duo' (pgslve and Fireyset) frequently butted heads. They would talk about their team, and Skeleton would debunk 303. Skeleton even gave the inactive Fireyset a name: Fartyset. pgslve was pissed about that, but he/she was not able enough to 1v1 him.

It begins...

This soon escalated into a small war. On one side was Skeleton and the 303 sceptics, and on the other was the anti-303 team. The battles were fought in the comments section of the 303 page, which may be why the page has so many comments. When it was resolved, nobody really won. It was more like a draw.


The mini-war ended in some kind of draw. pgslve and Fireyset disappeared from the wiki at the end of May, and Skeleton was blocked by LifeUpStudios in early June, who actually came on to do something, but went back on hiatus. Sometime later, the current owner, SCP-Deadlock, first appeared on the wiki. This insignificant war, although officially over, is technically still going on, much like the Korean War. Unlike the Korean War, battles were still being fought, and are still being fought now. However, the battles were being fought on every page. No page was safe, and nobody had been able to 'administrate' the wiki.


See Ryan: A True Story.

The Green Steve War

On February 2, 2016, Chicken45, as the anonymous IP user, created a page that wrote MCCP history: Green Steve.

Green Steve, when it was first written, was a short low-faith pasta, and would be considered a trollpasta right now, but Chicken believed it and decided to defend it.

As soon as it came out, he started saying it was real. He then received backlash from respected creepypasta sceptics such as SCP-Deadlock and Skeleton. This angered Chicken, who then called in his two friends, another IP user and the infamous 123hillbilly to support his claim that they were real. When the sceptics could not be moved, they resorted to flaming and vandalism AKA a war on the internet. They started to vandalise pages (e.g. renaming a now-deleted page called The Truth About the Skeleton to the Truth about how gay i am), removing all the content from profiles and generally being dicks to people. However, the sceptics fought back, undoing all of it and forcing them to start over.

Eventually, SCP-Deadlock's actions (and the belief that he was the unelected and unofficial leader) drove 123hillbilly into a mad vandalising spree, removing all the content from pages and profile in order to (and I quote) 'fight the system like a modern day Robin Hood' and get even with Deadlock. However, after an attack on SCP-Deadlock's old pasta The Man In The Fog on April 4th, the VSTF (Volunteer Spam Task Force, a group made up of users who keep FANDOM clean of spam and vandalism) spotted him, one one of the members, Lady Lostris, blocked him on the whole network on the same day. But Chicken kept on fighting.

On May 6, 2016, Chicken finally admitted that green Steve was fake in a blog post. The war ended, all loose ends were tied up, Green Steve was rewritten a bit and Chicken turned over a new leaf. Today, not much remains of the war, the overly rewritten pasta that is Green Steve is now one of the most popular, if not the most popular pasta on this wiki, and Chicken is now one of the most respected users on the wiki.

However, more hardships and wars were to come.

The Second Trollpasta War 'The Little Trollpasta War'

The wiki had gone without an admin for 3 years. During this time, lawlessness and chaos had become the new order. The creepypasta believers were everywhere, and they would have become the dominant figures if sceptics such as Master, Skeleton and Deadlock hadn't been on.

Eventually, on May 17, 2016, Chicken made a blog post saying that there wasn't an active admin and that someone should volunteer. Immediately, SCP-Deadlock popped up. After seeing the amount of people nominating him, he took this to Community Central 5 days after the blog post and created an adoption page for the MCCP wiki, which was approved two weeks afterwards. He gave admin rights to Chicken, Themaster402 and Skeleton. This was known as the Restoration. A short period of peace followed as the wiki began to have order restored. A new constitution/set of rules was drafted and the admins quickly set about enforcing them. Trollpastas were also being deleted for being low-faith.

However, one anonymous user (allegedly Chicken's anonymous comrade during the Green Steve war) decided that the trollpastas should have stayed. He raised an army of anonymous contributors and declared war. They started caps spamming people's walls and comments and vandalised many pages. However, this war was quickly dealt with due to the new-found admin powers. Most of the dissidents were banned and a new treason block reason was added. If there were no admins, this war may have lasted forever until one side capitulated and left.

After this, the admins' power projection was massive and the wiki enjoyed a period of peace for several months, at least until December 14, 2016, when the wiki would face its greatest challenge yet - something beyond their borders.

ThatGuyEntity 'The First Inter-wiki War'

Interwar periods of peace seem to be normal on this wiki. After every war, there seems to be a period of peace, usually a few months long, where the wiki repairs itself, and just as it is stable again, a new source of conflict emerges.

This new conflict followed the same pattern: After a few months of peace, the wiki was able to repair itself.

Then on December 14, 2016, a user calling himself ThatGuyEntity joined. On the same day, he posted the exact same message on both Deadlock and Chicken's walls:

Hi, SCP-Deadlock i wanna request Moderator Request, so i can help you, Chicken, and others with problems and other stuff

He was immediately shot down by the staff, who told him that he just joined and needed to contribute more. He then started to get involved in settled matters that didn't concern him. Again, he was called out for this.

Even before, he had been a source of controversy. he posted a message on SCP-Deadlock's wall (now removed) that he thought the wiki was dying and that he had a backup one. On December 16, two days after joining, he was banned for 2 weeks.

He didn't resurface again until it was found out that he was active on his now-deleted fake wiki. To try and resolve this conflict, some very influential users tried to reach out to him and talk it through, but he was stubborn, and blocked them all.

The users tried many things, from peace to ranting, but ThatGuyEntity refused to concede. They came up with a way to remove him: espionage. They made fake accounts, broke down his defenses, became admins and blocked him, but he unblocked himself. Eventually, SCP-Deadlock managed to get someone - one of his friends - behind enemy lines. It worked, and TGE began to trust him. However, before he could enact the plan to remove TGE, the FANDOM Staff closed the fake wiki.

And so the conflict ended.

Or so we thought.

There is a technique called 'sockpuppetry', where somebody creates a duplicate account to bypass a restriction. In this case, ThatGuyEntity came back on a sockpuppet account known as 'ThisIsNotYetOver', pretending to be another person, but everyone could tell who he was. He then played the suicide game, saying that he was being abused, but the suicide game is overused, so he was left in the dark. The sockpuppet account was then banned.

Since then, there has been no activity on either of his accounts.

The DomIsTheBest Crisis

See MasterFrown0704's perspective of the first part of the DomIsTheBest crisis

Some time afterwards, on September 20, Dom announced to the wiki that he was going to go on the dark web. This prompted many admins and respected users to call him out, telling him not to do it, but the stubborn Dom went through with it anyway.

Three days later, the wiki heard from him again. He claimed that his friend said that he would hire a hacker to break into websites he didn't like. This basically created the biggest emergency the wiki has ever encountered. Even Deadlock was ready to exile himself to Pickaxepedia. However, when the wiki was in full alert mode, Dom came out and said that his friend lied. This event quickly settled, but ruined Dom's reputation.

Dom's reputation never recovered - it stayed that low for the rest of his time on the wiki. Everybody pretty much hated him. Even fico, who defended him in the past, turned on Dom. Most of the wiki believed that he had crossed a red line, had too many chances.and requested him to be banned. Several discrepancies in his wiki history were brought to light which were ignored before.

The reasons for banning him included:

  • Flaming and bullying MasterFrown0704
  • Falsely alerting the wiki of a hacker situation
  • Creating two false wikis, and considering creating another one
  • Playing dumb and being very hard to talk to
  • Being completely unaware of the above.

A poll was made to decided on his ban.

The final result was pretty much unanimous.

He was permabanned, but was given his message wall.

His message wall privileges have now been removed as Dom has become one of the most hated users ever to walk the wiki.

The Plagiarism War

Not many users know of the Plagiarism War, but users like EnderChas, Yoshfico123 and MasterFrown0704 remember it. It was basically where a new user called ChasAnimationsYT (now renamed to 'EnderChas') created a video on YouTube about a creepypasta written by GREEN (Now MasterFrown0704): The Forgotten Noob.

GREEN and his friends seemed to be angry with Chas for making a video without GREEN's permission, and GREEN insisted to be linked to in the description. At this point a minor war started: The Plagiarism War. Chas and Yosh worked out a compromise: that Chas linked the original story in the description. Chas did this, and finally got unblocked, but he was blocked again the next day. Chas' message wall privileges had been revoked, and GREEN was insisting on a link to his profile.

Chas' YouTube channel was kid-friendly, and Chas had previously stated that before he got blocked. A user called TheTrueMasterOfBacon highlighted those facts, but he was quickly exposed as Chas' sock account and blocked. GREEN's profile had swearing in it, so Prism55Writes came up with a solution: that Chas linked the profile in the description but put a disclaimer next to it saying the content was not kid-friendly. However, Chas finally surrendered and deleted the video, and all the users welcomed him and was one of the most respected users on this wiki, until his subsequent actions and a his block.

Although all of the above seems destructive, it's nothing compared to what lies below; the greatest challenge, the final frontier, a group of every single possible danger grouped into one giant war...

The Great Dead Writer War.

The Great Dead Writer War (ongoing)

The Dead Writer, also known as TDW, is a user who joined and claimed Yoshfico123's masterpiece Artiopas belonged to him, and Yosh had stolen it. This was of course, not true, as if you look in history on the Artiopas page, you can clearly see Yosh created the page, and TDW had horrible grammar, making it impossible for him to of written Artiopas.

He also began to say staff members sucked, and began to threaten people. He was banned, but returned on his old account, CajunpowerYT, and bullied some staff members and threatened them. Here is one of his quotes:

"GUess what you suck. and guess what The Mysterious Noob cant use his Ip cause I use the same Ip. Boom he had been punished so have you" - CajunpowerYT

He got banned, also he told lots of people to die. He told everyone he hated them, and that is unforgiveable.

Then, a few weeks after the wiki being in peace, TDW made about 3 dozen sockpuppet accounts with names like 'The Dead Writer is just a fixer' and attempted to fix his mistakes, begging everyone to forgive him. However, he vandalised pages, making it obvious he was lying, and he got banned once again. However, after his one-day autoblock expired, he returned, continuing to beg people to forgive him. Then DomIsTheBest (there is a seperate page about that) returned on sock accounts, claiming to of teamed up with TDW. He said several people sucked, and got blocked. No activity from Dom for a while.

EnderChas decided to report TDW to FANDOM. TDW was causing disruption and sockpuppeting, and was a major threat to our wiki, so every time he joined chat, any users with chatmod rank or above instantly banned him from chat and alerted an admin. However, he was creating sockpuppets, with even weirder names, like 'THE DEAD WRITER IS A BEGGER'. I had enough. He was almost undefeatable. Staff was sick of seeing pages vandalised, and people getting brainwashed.

Chas emailed FANDOM, explaining to them that TDW was attacking our wiki, and using sock accounts to bypass blocks and was trying to trick people. He had also been doing vandalism, and threatening us. Chas got a response, saying that FANDOM had blocked his IP for three months.

Chas got granted content moderator powers as an award of getting rid of TDW. But later on, we found out about a method used to hide your IP called a VPN. TDW was using VPNs to bypass this. 

TDW returned on sock accounts, and bullied users like EnderChas (because he was the one who reported him). It was revealed Nooby Boy Knows (a user who helped us earlier in the war) was a TDW sock and we were all shocked about this. Chas continued reporting TDW socks to FANDOM, and then TDW made a fraud wiki under Nooby's account. What is said that FR0SK as a FANDOM user went on and attacked the fraud wiki, and so did Tangy, and they both got blocked. Then ownership of the fraud wiki transferred to The Mysterious Noob (another TDW sock) and I asked TMN why he was doing this, but before I got a response the fraud wiki was closed. 

TDW has not been active since, although the war is not officially over. 

The Herobrine30 Miniwar

The wiki was in peace since TDW was inactive and had not returned in a while, but one day a user called Herobrine30 joined the wiki and claimed Herobrine was real. Similar to all classic Creepypasta believers, Chicken banned this user. However, this user didn't take it so easily. Brine made a fraud wiki, claiming that our wiki sucked and on the front page, Brine claimed that Herobrine was real. GREEN and Chicken attacked it but got blocked.

The MCCP was far from giving up, though. EnderChas, a content mod on this wiki, made a sock account and trick Brine into thinking he was trustworthy. Right when Hood attacked, Brine gave bureaucrat rights to Chas' alt, and demoted himself. It took seconds to ban Brine from his own wiki, and for the cleanup of the home page. The war ended.

Since then, Herobrine30 has not been active.

The EnderChas War

The buildup

EnderChas was a respected content moderator on this wiki. However, during his lifetime on the wiki, Chas had several conflicts and quarrels with another respected user, MasterFrown0704. The first quarrel was due to the YouTube video Chas made on one of Frown's pastas without his permission (See also: The Plagiarism War). Later, the users had several more fights in December and January, with Frown insulting Chas, while Chas trash talked Frown behind his back and tried to get his reputation ruined.

In early January, a poll was made about Chas' demotion and/or ban. This poll was made, after it was realized that Chas was let off scot-free for several of his past offenses, which would have normally gotten the user banned. It was decided that Chas would be demoted to a content mod from his admin position, and banned for a day, despite the poll overwhelmingly showing that the users wanted a permaban. The wiki went calm again for some time.

In early February, user Themonster16 created a fraud wiki after being banned from this wiki for believing in pastas. Chas got angry, and vandalized the fraud with several obvious sock puppets. This prompted Themonster to threaten to report MCCP to FANDOM. Panic sprung up here, but it was revealed that no reports were happening, and the wiki fell into peace once again.

A few days later, Frown announced that he would be retiring. In the post, he listed Chas as one of the reasons, citing his several forgiven offenses and many more things. In chat, it was decided that Chas deserved a permanent ban, and so he was banned forever. This marked the official beginning of the EnderChas War.

The War

The war started immediately after chas was banned. Chas, and his friend Tangyhyperspace planned a rebellion on the then sister wiki, Minefictions. Tangy was quickly banned, but they still planned rebellion. Throughout the war, chas begged time and again to be unbanned, but the users had gotten sick of chas. Yoshfico123 created a temporary rule not to mention chas, but several users broke this rule. The user BlitzFire34 went over to Minefictions to flame chas, but was quickly banned. The former content moderator CannibalCarrot joined chas and was quickly banned. Chas had then given up, but his followers still wanted to destroy MCCP. Chas had previously gone to the deranged Roblox Creepypasta Wiki to try and start a war. Although he failed, he did succeed in gaining control of the wiki. This marked the unofficial beginning of the EnderChas Cold War.

The Cold War

Like the real-world cold war, there was no real fighting, but a large amount of scorn on both sides. Chas requested for Yoshfico to be banned, which he unfortunately succeeded in. Chas was then globally banned as well. Both bans were only for a couple days, but MCCP was distraught. Yosh considered retirement, but he was convinced to stay. Another user, DekuDesu, had threatened to retire. As of 2/23/18, the war is still going on. BlitzFire34 and another user named Mod Sayori from Minefictions decided to hold a discussion. The war was then discussed, and has most likely ended.

The Treaty