This is my first creepypasta and it is very fake, please no freakouts!

One day me and my friend MaxxTheGod were playing on my extra realm, I used my secret Minecraft profile FRISKBOT to get the realm, one day we were just building and having fun, then some weirdo join the game, he started screaming "HE IS BACK OH GOD HELP!!!!", it was obvious he was screaming about Herobrine, but we knew Herobrine isn't real. I called the dude down and he told me something weird; " i'm sorry I scared you.. No hard feelings right? I just wanted to warn you about him...?", me and my friend just thought he was completely bonkers and continued getting info from him. Then some weird person joined: LOSTKNIGHT. Me and my friend were super confused, I had never invited this dude before! And then he spoke; "I am HIM! Herobrine might have been fake, but I am alive!". We screamed for a bit and I /killed him. He got kinda weird after that, yelling in full caps " he is back! It's not me!!!" Tbh I thought is was my brother, he had the user LostKnight for ages but changed it to LostKing after people laughed at him... After that my friend made a bunch of clones of himself, it was weird because it looked like a mod but I didn't have any mods, then he defeated LOSTKNIGHT, then my brother started yelling at me saying "HACKERRRRRR" And stuff. I called the police and they stopped the "hacker". Everything is back to its normal self and LOSTKNIGHT is gone for good! I played some more minecraft without fear of the LOSTKNIGHT I was pretty happy tell I came across the player on my world with the name LOSTKNIGHT2.


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